Friday, November 14, 2014

Lil Turkeys

November is here. The holidays are upon us. 
 I'm loving it! Life has slowed down a bit and we have our first free weekend in MONTHS. We are going to dec the halls, sleep, wear pjs and just relax. It will be lovely :)
Miss Thang had a field trip at school. Here's my little cutie on the bus!

 We also had a birthday party to attend last weekend. I was all excited until I realized that Mike had an all day workshop on the same day leaving me to take 2 kids skating with the baby haha. As you can see, my super mom powers came through for me. 
Look at her go! 
Luca and Emma skating along with happy Autumn...meanwhile, I'm walking along behind them apparently flabbergasted by something haha

 The big kids went home with friends after church on Sunday which meant Milo was an only child for the day :) We packed him up and went out to lunch! He was a little wild man the whole time and insisted on crawling back and forth on the table and screaming until he finally wore himself out :)
 Milo has been cutting teeth and needing lots of loving. So my days have basically been spent just like this! Pjs, baby and piles of laundry not getting done :)
 Milo definitely likes to be "tended to" so we got creative and let the kids "babysit" for us...genius, I know. They picked everything up in their rooms and only brought out mom approved toys and Milo sat down there with them for OVER AN HOUR!!! It. was. amazing :) But really, the sweetest part is that I'm starting to see the trio. Up until now it's been Ella and Luca as always + the baby. I love seeing him get to join in and join the club! The make a sweet little team :)
I am in full on planning mode for my newborn baby's FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! I'm feeling extremely thankful this November. So much love and life with this crew.

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