Friday, October 10, 2014


Ella and Luca! This year they are turning 7 and 4...wait, what???? Can that really be? These two have always loved each other but have really bonded these past couple of years and it is a beautiful thing. It can definitely be a love/hate relationship...which is totally normal for their ages and stages. But the thing that shines through more than anything is their affinity for one another. If you mess with one, you'll have to deal with the other. This year they decided that they wanted to have a birthday party together! I have to say I thought it was the sweetest gesture and it was also so cool because they have a lot of the same friends or friends that are siblings! It was a super fun day and I loved getting to celebrate them together with all of their favorite peeps...(minus a few that were struck with the pesky enterovirus going around!)

birthday babies!

They both decorated their own shirts for their big day :)

Their cake!

The museum was their wonderland for them to run, pretend, play, perform and just party hard! Most of my pictures are of the backs of their heads or blurry...there was to much to do to stop for pics :)

the Ella and Maddie show!

featuring Daddy!

Milo discovering fish!
he was NOT a fan of the funny mirror haha
or the fish...

Luca and his pre-k bestie William...aka "Wiwyam" :-)

Time to eat the cutest cake on the planet!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Ella and Lucaaaaaaa, happy birthday to YOU!!! Sweet, smart, wonderful, beautiful, magnificent YOU!

silly girls :)

my best attempt at a group pic...missing a few but we got most!

Sophie the chef!

Nana B and her baby bears...

After the party, we headed outside to take Nana B to the space needle, international fountain and all the other sites to see at the Seattle Center. It was the best way to end a special joint birthday...
heading outside to play in the international fountain!
and if the birthday girl and boy ask if they can get wet...
you say, YES!

There's nothing like watching your happy little birthday boy and girl dancing in the fountain after their party. They were bursting with joy and happiness and that is what it's all about! It was a magical day.

Ella is the party animal with her hands in the air and Luca is my cautious one just far enough away to bolt if need be :)
At the end, there was a water show with music. It was almost as if everyone in the Seattle Center was there to just to celebrate Ella and Luca...which I'm sure they were ;) It was the perfect way to end the perfect day! A GRAND FINALE to the birthday party!
And the end of water show and song, the fountain just exploded with loud music. As you can see, my brave little Ella Bella was the only one left prancing through the blasts of water as all of the other kids went running for the hills haha.
And just a little more fun before we left...
At first Luca wasn't sure, but then he decided to go for it...but still super cautious :)
It was a beautiful day to party and boy did we party hard!

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