Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Nana B to Three

So after the McPhersons left, I didn't have too much time cry about it because MY MOM was on her way!!! Gosh it's been so long. If anyone knows how close I am with my family then they know that it's nearly impossible for me to just see them a handful of times here and there. The thing I'm thankful for is that when they do get here, it's concentrated time and 24/7. We don't spare a single moment and we make the most of it all! It is a very intentional time that wouldn't happen if it was just an every day thing. Ella and Luca had a joint birthday party this year and their number 1 guest request was NANA B!!!!!! It was her first visit to Seattle where we weren't moving in, squeezing in holiday celebrations or having babies so we was just free for all fun time...and boy did we have fun! She got here late Thursday night so on Friday morning we slept, drank LOTS of coffee and then mom and I made our way over to Ella's school to work in her classroom :) It was so special for Ella to have both of her leading ladies in her classroom. She beamed with pride and joy!

On Saturday, it was PARTY DAY!!! I'll have another post of the joint birthday...but I will say it was all their idea! We had it at the Seattle Children's Museum and so after the party we showed mom around the Seattle Center, Space Needle and all those things.

It was a beautiful day!
Nana and Milo at the international fountain...

Nana B and her Seattleites!

On Sunday we went to church and then made our way to the Ballard Locks. The Locks are where two different bodies of water with two different elevations meet and the water has to be leveled to let the boats pass through. So many things about living in a coastal city that are brand new concepts! The kids love watching the boats pass through and waving to everyone. We have so much we want to show mom about Seattle, especially our neighborhood. It's is truly an amazing place...so Sunday we stuck close to home and took her to the Ballard Locks. It was a beautiful day! Every time I go to the locks I realized what a fun/neat/beautiful city we live in and so many amazing things are right in the middle of my neighborhood. 

Going down to watch the Salmon swim upstream :)
Our little Ballard baby at the Locks!

I love what these two lovelies have together. It's beautiful. They do magical things to this mama's heart! 
On our way out we stopped for a little photo pop :)

Strong man Luca!

Nana B and her precious 3!
On Monday, we sent the big kids to school and then Mom and I went downtown to the Public Market. 

mother daughter selfie :)
I've been to the market many times, but I've never gone to the infamous gum wall. It's so neat and oddly beautiful and disgusting all at the same time haha.

We stumbled upon a ballerina photo shoot...
Milo was such a good boy all day and just strolled around in the stroller. We took a coffee break to sit for a while and watch the ballerina photo shoot and I had one of the best coffee beverages I've ever had...salted carmel hazelnut latte. We sate outside and looked through some books...informational books on how/why this alley and coffee shop got the name that it did. I haven't slept well for days now!

After making out way through the market we started winding our way down to the water.
I thought I was being all smart going to the market on a Monday morning to avoid the crowds and tourists. Note to self: if there is a cruise ship docked at the terminal, don't go to the market.
Sheldon :)

Just a little antique shopping at the end of the day...we wore the boopy out :)
Ella was struggling going to school Monday knowing Nana B was at our house and honestly, I can't blame her! So after our adventures downtown we went to pick her up early from school :) Then Nana busted out halloween goodies! We hung out together, played at the house and then went to dinner!

One of our favorite restaurants, Skillet Diner, just opened a location in Ballard! Two words...bacon jam.
What a great trip it was! She left 3 happy grandkids and a refreshed son and daughter :) Until next time!!!

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