Friday, October 10, 2014

M.Jude {10 Months}

10 months was SO 10 days ago...but mama is playing catch up! Milo, you are just something else :) Aside from being insanely are just a sweetie! At 10 months you...

- have a major aversion to strangers. Ella and Luca would play and talk with the waiters at the   restaurant when they would come up. You? You cry :)
- you are a pulling up on everything. you have stood a few times. 
- you still want to nurse through the night. We are down to 1 feeding!
- you crawl on your knees now!
- you clearly have 2 older siblings because you are very "hands on" with other babies :)
- FINALLY eating some baby food. My nipples are eternally grateful. 
- you are still shy but so sweet with your peeps in your circle of trust
- you know to smile for the camera :-)
- and finally, you are LOVED!

 I mean, look at that face...

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