Thursday, October 30, 2014

Milo {11 months}

This little bug-a-boo is 11 months old and getting him to sit in his crib for a picture is no small feat! This boy is busy and on the move! I think if I crawled in the crib with him he would sit there because he loves to be close to mama. I really think I'm in denial that it's time to plan a 1st birthday party because no matter how big he gets, I really think he'll always be my newborn baby! Milo is really coming into his own these days. Baby child is very particular and quite persistent :) 

Milo at 11 months
-Eats food but still nurses around the clock.
-Loves to be held
-Sleeping through the night!!!!
-pulling up
-couple of steps from a close point A to B
-3 teeth on bottom
-1 tooth on top
-cutting 2 or 3 more at the same time ;(
-loves peek a boo, patty cake, dancing, fruits, his blankey, paci, snuggles, shoes and Yo Gabba Gabba
-hates getting his face cleaned, nails clipped, told no, veggies, bottles, milk, going to sleep and waking up from his afternoon nap (and typing that out, I agree with all of those!)

He is engaging more and more with Ella and Luca and I can tell that the party is JUST getting started around here!!!

Getting him to sit in the crib for his picture this month was NOT gonna happen =D

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