Thursday, October 2, 2014


September was awesome :) A few fun things happened in September...the first being a special visit from our favorites, the McPhersons! Even though we've never all lived in the same place together at the same time, they still are some of our best friends. We remain so close and continue to grow even though we are miles apart. Anne and I talk in some way shape or form almost every day. We totally get each other and are so much alike in so many ways...but even so, we balance each other out! Soul sisters. We've seen each other through so many things...the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Our friendship has definitely stood the test of time, distance, tragedy and our own spirited selves :)   We can say anything to each other. Everyone needs somenoe like that. It's liberating. Could you imagine if we lived in the same town? We'd conquer the world. And probaly cause a little lot of trouble. Mike and Daniel went to collage together and then lived together in Fayetteville after the college years. Anne and I went to the same college, were friends with some of the same people and were sorority neighbors just a couple houses apart, but we never met until Daniel brought her to meet us in Dallas before he proposed! I love that we can do life with them so many miles apart but I do wish we could be a little closer. We felt so much more at home in our hearts that week having them physically here with us in Seattle. 

We took Anne to the water...her happy place. We didn't get many pics from our visit because we were too busy running around chasing babies, shopping, talking and eating...but these turned out pretty cute!
I love this one of these 2 handsome men...

Playing around while the big kids worked hard at school :)

I'm already planning our next adventures which will include reorganizing her kitchen and cleaning out her we know how to have fun! We will just pretend for however many days that we live in the same town and are going on about our business as usual...being mommies together, friends and causing a little trouble on the side here and there ;) 

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