Saturday, October 18, 2014

3 lil punkins

This little pip-squeak is beginning to get curious about the big wide world outside this window :)
watching sissy's soccer game! Go Turf Monkeys!
Pumpkin Decorating!
princess punkin...

skeleton punkin...
and pirate punkin!

Halloween hand-me-downs :-)

 he's so cute...even when he's mad :)

Ella lost another tooth and is wishing for her 2 front teeth for Christmas!
 sweet boy with his little bear family watching cartoons at 5:00 am! every single morning! these bears are either Johnny and William (his 2 favorite friends) or bear bear. So stinkin cute.
 Recently, Milo has discovered the little brown bear on the left and when he sees it, he goes for it. He's actually started to fight Luca for it haha. Luca is so attached to that bear and so it's hard for him, but he does let Milo love it too :) Now Pippa is wanting in on the bear bear action. She doesn't mess with ANY of the kids toys all over the floor. But she does love bear bear/Johnny/William :) Honestly I think it's because she's always been watchful over Milo and it smells like him too now. So sweet.

 lil man on daytime outings with mama and daddy!
 The weather has started to change as well! We've had the most beautiful spring/summer/fall so I'm ready for it! I'm honestly ready to get cozy in the house for a while. Simple slower days and just loving on my little lovelies.

gray skies + rain showers =

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