Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Happenings

It's Halloween week and I'm certain my kids are trying to kill me!!! hahaha. I'm just kidding. Kind of. There has been an abundance of fun and adventure around here this week. I needed a little reprieve from all the chaos so Emily and I skipped town for IKEA on Tuesday and then I had Jenny over Wednesday morning for a grown-up playdate. We watched Hocus Pocus like most, drank coffee and vegged.  Hey, while the kids are away, the moms will play! What did you think I did all day anyway ;) 
Last night I went to dinner with these lovely women from community group. It was nice for the girls to get to go out and spend some time together apart from the hubbies and kids. In fact, we had SO much fun and were so lost in coversation that we sat at our dinner table until 10 pm which is way later than any one of us has stayed awake in quite some time...I'm sure of it :)
On the way home, I got a text from Mike that Bosephus had tripped and busted his head open of the coffee table! It had happened earlier in the night but Mike wanted to let me finish dinner hahaha. (now before you think we are horrible parents...we only have 1 car, I had just left, he stopped crying quickly and was happy, it only needed staples bc head wounds are bloody and hard to close, but he himself was totally fine) Man we have chilled out a lot in the parenting department ;) So on the way home I got the news. Luca was in bed. I rolled in, Mike brought him out to the car and off to the ER we went. 
 He was so brave. And if I'm being honest, I'm actually shocked (but pleasantly surprised) it took him 4 years to make it to the ER with all of his little "adventures" :-) I guess I've done a good job chasing him around to protect him haha. We got 2 staples and were home an hour later. 

On Thursday, we headed over to the Skeel's Spooky house for a little first grade fun Halloween party!
 The haunted hallway...

 pumpkin carving...

my friend Autumn!

Today, some of the Pre-K friends from Little Feats met up at Swansons for a little pumpkin fun since they don't have school on Friday. Luca's strong man costume is just a little skimpy ;) and today has been cold and spiderman costume to the rescue!
Luca and his bestie "Wiwyam"aka William :)

Pumpkin Planting!

and off to trick or treat tonight! Happy Halloween to all!
And starting tomorrow, November 1st, the most wonderful time of the year =D

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Milo {11 months}

This little bug-a-boo is 11 months old and getting him to sit in his crib for a picture is no small feat! This boy is busy and on the move! I think if I crawled in the crib with him he would sit there because he loves to be close to mama. I really think I'm in denial that it's time to plan a 1st birthday party because no matter how big he gets, I really think he'll always be my newborn baby! Milo is really coming into his own these days. Baby child is very particular and quite persistent :) 

Milo at 11 months
-Eats food but still nurses around the clock.
-Loves to be held
-Sleeping through the night!!!!
-pulling up
-couple of steps from a close point A to B
-3 teeth on bottom
-1 tooth on top
-cutting 2 or 3 more at the same time ;(
-loves peek a boo, patty cake, dancing, fruits, his blankey, paci, snuggles, shoes and Yo Gabba Gabba
-hates getting his face cleaned, nails clipped, told no, veggies, bottles, milk, going to sleep and waking up from his afternoon nap (and typing that out, I agree with all of those!)

He is engaging more and more with Ella and Luca and I can tell that the party is JUST getting started around here!!!

Getting him to sit in the crib for his picture this month was NOT gonna happen =D

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The circus is in town!

This Halloween is a first for my little boo face :) Isn't he the cutest little vintage circus baby bear clown? They all 3 match this year. I found inspiration and decided to make their costumes! After slaving away and remembering how I have 3 kids-one a baby-I was wondering if they were going to get done. I'm happy to say they did and I'm so excited how they turned out! 

 appropriate for this stud.

I mean, seriously!

And my little ring mistress!

Always ready to perform...

I guess that leaves Mike as the bearded lady. Ella suggested that I be a trapeze artist haha. I think I'm pass on the leotard this year though ;)