Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Photo Dump

We've had so many guests and extra super fun events in September that our every day life that I usually blog about is in the form of a photo dump :) The rest of our September adventures will be posted soon! It's been a great month with so many special people, places and things. In the meantime...
 It looks like we might have a snaggletooth on our hands this Christmas wishing for her two front teeth!  She made lots of money and was bribed with many treats to get this tooth out that has been dangling for weeks! She only trusted mommy to do it so lucky me...I had the honors :) Isn't she adorable?

Baby cakes in his favorite spot just hanging out with mom...
 Luca started little man jam dance class at the same time as sissy's ballet! He LOVES it!!! At first it was all about the noisy tap shoes for him but dude's got some rhythm! 
 Just a swinging away! I have to document that he loves this and is so so so happy for a total of 2 minutes before he wants to be held again haha. Such a lover boy :)

 Miss thang working so hard ride the unicycle! She's so very close!
 Aren't they just precious? They just love each other so much. We've had company for most of September so they've had many slumber party nights cuddled up in the same bed. 

 Entertaining boys at the park while watching girlfriend play soccer :) 

 {my love}
 Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. 
Especially one who has been very sick and is resting well for the first time in 2 weeks :)

Soccer season has started and you still have mad soccer skills...
You have incredible footwork for a 6 year old...

But we've seen a new "development" during your soccer games. For example, here you are...
You are such a super talented multi-tasker that you can play soccer (and play it well) all while doing cartwheels, dancing, chasing butterflies, and pretending to be in a movie!
 I'm not even kidding...the coach put you in and you said, "hey mom! Watch I'm gonna score a goal!" Sure enough, you put your mind to matter, scored that goal and said, "check!" and then you ended the scene and went to pretend to be the coach. You're pretty fabulous Ella.
 Everyone in our house has been sick this month...and I knew Luca was next when he laid down in front of my feet the entire game when usually I can't keep up with his whereabouts!
dun. dun. dun..another one bites the dust!

back to the wedding...I found some more pictures! 
 These are 2 of my favorite people on the planet! My daughter and my Uncle Jeff. When I look at this picture it reminds me of when I was the little girl in his arms!
 mama and milo
 I have the sweetest story. Ella went to her first birthday/slumber party. She called me twice early evening. The first time I could tell that she wanted to make sure she could reach me. Both times she asked about Luca and what he was doing, how he was doing, where he was...
Luca asked about Ella all night too. When it came time to go to bed, he cried because he missed her :-( He wanted to call her to tell her goodnight! I asked what I could do to make him happy and he said, watch a Paw Patrol on the big tv and "sweep wis you". I just thought it was the sweetest thing! So what did I do? I turned on a Paw Patrol and let him stay up past his bed time and then I kicked Daddy to the couch and tucked this little guy into my bed!

 And just for the record...Ella called one more time to try to reach Luca but he was lost in sweet dreams just like this...
 And my obsession with baby feet continues into his 4th year ;)
 baby boo face giving his doctor hoopla...he didn't like his pediatrician looking at him let alone touching him! Milo has been a super healthy baby so the good news is that Dr. Hall falls into the "stranger danger" category according to Milo :)
 The results of quality time with the the girl child...

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