Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bitty Babe-9 Months

Milo my love! 9 months old and so incredibly precious. What can I say about this month? You are not crawling on knees yet but you have become a warp speed scooter! You are eating more baby food. You love to spit it in my face to let me know when you are done or when you don't want it at all :) You are a beastly teether. It's been rough! You get tons of attention but when you need a little more you develop a mystery cough! It's pretty cute. Coughing and blowing bubbles with your lips is your baby code for "look at me". ;) You and Luca have began wrestling (in a very small way of course). I can see how physical you are with other babies and it's evident you have two bigs you hang with! You still have tiny feet...size 2 =D You are pulling up, protesting, cutting your 2nd and 3rd tooth...things are getting interesting around here! 
Who do you look like? Everyone has different opinions and it changes all the time. But I took this picture of you the other day and I saw my baby Ella!
See what I mean? Ella is a little more on the feminine side and a tad bit chunkier but my oh could be twins! BTW both of you were watching Yo Gabba Gabba in these pictures. We will call this your Gabba face :)

This month has been a big one! You've always been a snuggle bug and prefer being held. You will sit still for so long just to be close to us. Physical touch seems to be your love language! However this have transitioned from preferring to be held to demanding to be held...
and what used to be snuggling at every opportunity has now turned to some separation anxiety when we aren't doing just that...
 I don't know many mobile babies who would rather sit in a lap for lengthy periods of time :)
You may sit in the floor and play for a while, or maybe in the saucer...but don't even THINK about leaving the room! Or else...
You have become quite the little protester. You can scream and throw tantrums of epic magnitude. And your endurance? Your endurance is off the charts dude. There's no "cry it out" with you. We've had a harder month this month because of that. You know what you want. You want Mommy and Daddy. You know that even when we aren't with you that we are somewhere and we can be found! You definitely entered the "stranger danger" stage. I even got called out of the nursery last week because "they had never heard anything like it" and thought something was terribly wrong. I came to get you and you were fine in t minus 2 seconds. It's like you were saying, "ok if you won't page her...I will!" You sound like a 13 year old girl in a room with a bunch of spiders. But you win every time! And you won that day! It's the same shrill scream you gave us within seconds of your birth. You play to win that's for sure! Boo Boo don't play ya'll ;)
So all that to say, I don't think you will be the most independent child :) It's kind of sweet because your bigs are both very independent. You have an adorable little shy face when people come up to talk to you. You burry your little head in my neck and lay your head down. You look at them while they talk to you, but your face says, "look don't touch". Even at home when it's just us, you have to be near us. When I think about it, you've never had to be away from me and well...I'm pretty much attached to you too so there's that. I love it. I know someday you will be an independent grown man and you won't need me for everything so for now...I'm here for you as long as you need me baby! I think it's funny that a large majority of your baby photos are selfies on the couch in mama's lap haha.

 This is what we did all morning on the kid's first day back to school. You were so happy to have me all to yourself again! You held my hand...and my arm :)...just to make sure I didn't get up and move. I have to admit, I've missed our couch dates this summer! 
 kicked back with arms by head and crossed feet...just like Luca <3 p="">
holding my finger and chewing on his :)

 You are very strong at sitting up now. You basically went from barely sitting up to crawling and pulling up in 1 month.
 And getting you to sit still in your crib for me to take a 9 month picture was next to impossible!

 I finally had to call in reinforcements to act like fools and make lots of noise to distract you :)

 I forgot to take you to your 9 month well check (sorry-3rd child problems) so we have one scheduled a little late...but I'm anxious to get your stats! You are healthy and by no means tiny, but you've slowed down in growth a lot. You seem to have a shorter frame like your brother but with more petite features like your sister. We shall see! I think it's so cute that your head is as wide as your shoulders ;)

 I'm loving your little personality and you show us more and more every single day. We couldn't possibly love you more. Our baby boo. Small but mighty in every way. I just can't remember a time in this life when I didn't know you or have love for you in my heart! It's like all of my babies have been a part of me my entire life. Love you madly baby boy!

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