Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pepsapalooza aka Baby Woodstock 2014

On Saturday we drove to Everett for Pepsapalooza. It was a fund raising event for an early parenting organization. The best part was the endless fun, activities, prizes and bounce houses for the kids while picnicing and jamming out to some local rockin kid bands! Nothing better than Casper Baby Pants and my personal favorites, The Not Its! They are sort of like 80s kids music...what's not to love? They have a new song written after a mom in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle (my hood) called motorcycle mom. Apparently she rides her motorcycle around town, runs the PTA and is the queen of cool haha. I mean if your gonna have to get in to kid music why not find the cool bands and go with it? It was a fun festival...
basically Woodstock for kids haha. 

mommy/baby matching swag! Who says baby boys can only match their brothers and daddy?
he loves me :)
kiss kiss!

cutie patootie in his trendy bubs gear <3 p="">

neon "rockstar hair"
making homemade snow globes :)

rock on!

doin her thang!
the toothfairy!
here comes Peter Cotton Tail

Ella the owl and her favorite bunny
tired mama hair selfie. I started the day with a little bun and ended it like this. I guess I partied too hard with the littles trying to be the queen of cool ;)
These are the days! Just trying to stay calm and keep making those memories! They are only little once. 

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