Thursday, August 7, 2014

Luca is 4

Four short years ago, I went to the hospital and gave birth to one adorable beefcake. I remember calling you my little meatball. You were perfectly solid and I should have known right away you were going to take the world by storm! I had no idea how you would rock our world. You stole our hearts immediately with your big bowed chest, perfect pout and those big brown puppy dog eyes. I can't imagine life or our family without your ornery spirit and tender loving heart. Luca, I knew you were fierce from the moment I laid eyes on you. You were born ready to take on the world. I had no idea what joy, wonder and exhaustion you would add to our lives! You are wonderfully wild and you make everything ok with your heart of gold. You have a special way of melting everyone's heart. You are a special little boy Luca Bo! Happy birthday to our middle man, bam bam, italian stallion, king of the wild things, Duca Bosiefus!
 We are having a party in September. You and Ella wanted to have a party together! We still had to celebrate on your actual day. You requested a Lego cake :) 

 Auntie Ann had a special present for you so she came over. She brought you your own little cupcake and let you pick out your 4 candles to put on top...
 We sang happy birthday...
 and you made a wish!
 When you came home from vacation bible school that day, mommy had the table set with your cake (that you couldn't keep your hands off of!), balloons, presents and SNACKIES! You can Ella have been BEGGING for snackies from this infomercial...well, I found them at a store and set them up for the both of you on the table and you both were SOOOOO excited! You almost forgot about your presents and cake for a split second :)
 We opened all of the presents our family mailed to us...
 and we skyped with Nana B and Papa Bo so they could sing to you with us, watch you open your presents and celebrate! It was awesome!
 Just like Ella, you were NOT a fan of the sparkler candle so even though Mommy thinks they are the coolest, I guess we won't do that again!
 Now to plan a party for you and Ella! I can't wait and I think it's the sweetest thing that you two want to celebrate your birthday together!

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