Thursday, August 7, 2014

Girls Weedend {Paradise Bay}

 This past weekend, Ella and I had the opportunity to stay in a beach house with our friends on Kingston Island! We took a girls trip (+ Milo) for the weekend to soak in some fun, sun and friends! It was a friend of mine and her 2 girls-Ella and Abby were in the same kinder class :) I cute are these girls?!?!

 And how beautiful is this place?!?!
 I'm just saying I live in an amazing part of the country. Thats all.

Walking out and exploring during the low tide...
Autumn was a champ and I was safe and sound on the beach :)
I'm still sort of a complete city girl. I'm working on that though!
I did make some progress...I wasn't able to make myself touch the sea enemy at the aquarium but somehow I mustered up the courage here...
It's just that they are alive and it bothers me. Something about it just doesn't seem quite right. 
 It's so not normal where I come from!
Ella and her swim cap! She's so cute and still a little "citified" too haha. She eventually let her hair down, but she started out each day with a swim cap so her hair didn't get messed up :)
"I'm so fancy, you already know..."
 I enjoyed exploring and taking walks on the beach with Ella, talking and finding sea shells and planning out all of her jewelry projects she wants to do with them. Holding hands, snuggling, making up stories, reading, eating, playing, talking, building sand castles and dreaming. And photo opps of course...

Just mother, daughter and friends. Absolutely no where to go and nothing to do and no interruptions. Just 100% focus on my girl and having fun with friends. 

 Mighty Milo was a champ and just went along for the ride allowing us girls to do our thang ;) He felt the sand for the first time, ate a little of it (oops), napped on the beach, ate on the beach and felt the water on his toes just a little bit because he wasn't a big fan.

building sandcastles

Seaweed Sally 

 girl party!

 Meet "Hot Tamale"...the culprit of Ella's first jelly fish sting :-( He was a large fella and did a number to my baby girl's hands. Even though he was vicious, he was actually really pretty. He's covered with sand here but he was clear with red iridescent swirls...hence the name Hot Tamale :)
I loved spending one on one time with my sweet girl. I cherish these special moments with her. It was so nice to be able to answer every question and devote an entire weekend just to her with no distractions. She deserves that and more for being the big sissy of a crazy wild middle brother and a mama's boy baby brother! Us girls have gotta stick together!

This weekend was a blessing to us both so thank you Skeel family!!!
Until next time...

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