Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pepsapalooza aka Baby Woodstock 2014

On Saturday we drove to Everett for Pepsapalooza. It was a fund raising event for an early parenting organization. The best part was the endless fun, activities, prizes and bounce houses for the kids while picnicing and jamming out to some local rockin kid bands! Nothing better than Casper Baby Pants and my personal favorites, The Not Its! They are sort of like 80s kids music...what's not to love? They have a new song written after a mom in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle (my hood) called motorcycle mom. Apparently she rides her motorcycle around town, runs the PTA and is the queen of cool haha. I mean if your gonna have to get in to kid music why not find the cool bands and go with it? It was a fun festival...
basically Woodstock for kids haha. 

mommy/baby matching swag! Who says baby boys can only match their brothers and daddy?
he loves me :)
kiss kiss!

cutie patootie in his trendy bubs gear <3 p="">

neon "rockstar hair"
making homemade snow globes :)

rock on!

doin her thang!
the toothfairy!
here comes Peter Cotton Tail

Ella the owl and her favorite bunny
tired mama hair selfie. I started the day with a little bun and ended it like this. I guess I partied too hard with the littles trying to be the queen of cool ;)
These are the days! Just trying to stay calm and keep making those memories! They are only little once. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

August Photo Dump

Here is my August photo dump and random ranting because sometimes you just get obsessed with your kids and you take a thousand pics of every little thing they do =D Mamarazzi alert...

My beautiful ballerina! 
My tiny dancer's dance pic this year!
Ella:   "Hey Luca I'm a mermaid and can't walk so pull me around in the lego wagon wherever I want to go all day..."
Luca:   "ok Ewa!"
This girl has got it made with him.

The bitty baby has finally learned how to scoot his boot! He doesn't crawl on his knees but he definitely gets to where he needs to go rolling, stretching, scooting using all his skills :) He's even figured out he can leave his room, but so far he doesn't like the "opportunity" to explore...he'd rather go where I go...on my hip :)
I'm so happy every single day that this puppy made it back. Ella's new favorite thing is to sneak in while I'm still asleep and take pictures haha. They are usually the most embarrassing pictures I've ever seen of myself in my life and I don't care how old she gets-she will never have a facebook or insta account as long as she continues to do that haha. But this one was sweet-Pippa reporting for napping duty even though she clearly was just there to keep me company ;)
me and my girl
Luca recovering from an epic tantrum (notice the shredded paper on the table?) and Ella sitting there filing her nails with a tongue depressor like a true diva completely oblivious. Just add Milo on my hip and this is a pretty accurate depiction of their little personalities these days!
Snuggling with these sweet feet on a rainy Saturday morning and staying in bed as looooooong as possible :) Ella has really grown up so much lately. It's so fun but I grieve the loss of my "baby girl". I know I know she hasn't been a baby for quite some time, but she's just getting to be so mature and "big kid". It's a beautiful thing. It is. And I love it! She's my little side kick and thinks I'm the coolest person on the planet simply because I'm her mom and a girl and well...girls rule right? She was a mama's girl as a baby and has always been a "girl's girl" but as soon as she turned 2, her Daddy was all the rage. Now she's coming back to me, at least for a while, and wants to be where I'm at, doing what I'm doing all day long. Lord give me wisdom, peace, grace, gentleness and strength to raise this little lady to be the woman you made her to be. What a gift. What a responsibility! My little Ella Avery.
Trying to get Milo to explore some table food! He's not a fan. He's my champion nurser and loooooooooves mama's milk-straight from the source. I certainly don't mind because I know this will probably be my last little one to nurse so I'm just taking it all in. He tolerated the avacado but wasn't too excited. He is finally to the point where he will eat some baby food...very little but some. Like maybe a jar a day. E and L had oatmeal and 2 jars a day at this age. I started with veggies and they were ok. He still shivers and shutters and blows bubbles spits it all over my face. He shivers with fruits. And yogurt melts and gerber puffs? Don't even think about it haha. But tonight I fed him "chicken casserole" baby food and OF ALL THINGS...he liked that. Ok then! Maybe he's my meat and potatoes boy!

oh hi little Mike! Boo Boo is looking a lot like his big daddy these days. And those eyes-my oh my how they melt me. He has his daddy's eyes. Pure sweetness!
protesting to be held

Boo child has been so fussy/emotional/attached lately. Even when he's so happy and playing, it is a bawl fest when I leave the room. This may or may not be because I didn't put him down or share him for the first 6 months of his life-and I do not apologize hehe-but with the biggens home this summer I've had more little lovelys to tend to and I think maybe Milo thought he was an only child up until now ;) We had a car battery in the trunk that leaked battery acid AND BURNED MY ERGO TO SHREDS...tragic. So I can't wear him anymore. So this poor little baby is getting a crash course in independent play time!
This is what I mean...

Happy baby playing away in his saucer...The following is the conversation I imagine playing in his mind every single time he sees me enter the room...
"Oh hey girl...I know you love to hold me"
"'re in the room and not holding me?"
"I was totally fine until I saw you. This is so much fun mommy but you're here and not holding me so it's not anymore. Let me look pitiful. Wanna pick me up? No?"
"Look Mommy I'm so cute! Look at my bubbles! Doesn't this cuteness make you want to pick me up?"
"Ok fine, I'll just charm you."
smiles and sweetness...just for a moment...
slowly returning to hysterics with little cries under his breath...
And then come the shrill squeals.
 Of course I  almost always grab him when I come in the room but I just find it so cute how expressive he is now and always bounces, smiles and shows off his bubble blowing skills to get my attention if I don't do it quick enough. My little lover boy <3 nbsp="" p="">

Luca and his friend, Ben, at Ben's birthday party! These two are so cute. They met on the playground with their big sisters which works out so nice for us mamas!

And then there are some more wedding photos from my cousin Blake's wedding to Kendra from the beginning of summer. I absolutely love all of these!
Such a gentleman helping a sister out :)