Friday, July 25, 2014

Sleepless in Seattle

Well...between a teething baby, a hubby with strep and a runaway Pippa, we have been having many sleepless nights here in Seattle! Poor Milo's tooth is right there but WON'T. BREAK. THROUGH. He's handling it like a typical man, you know super tough pitiful ;-) Poor baby boy. And yes, Mike caught strep. I have to say the guy was seriously ill. I've never seen him like that before. And right before he got sick? Well, Pippa went on a little adventure. She often runs down our ally to go visit the dogs a few fences down and then comes back-but this time she didn't. I launched a neighborhood search right away and had a friend come to help! My dog loving neighbors took their dogs out on a walk to search for her. Strangers I met on my neighborhood app went out calling for her. I spent 24 hours on every neighborhood website, apps, facebook page, visiting shelters, combing allys and streets early morning, throughout the day and even late at night. I visited the shelter, posted flyers and called every vet and animal hospital in a 20 mile radius. I even went so far down the google search that I ended up accidentally calling an actual hospital because I had exhausted the list that google gave me. Oops :) I made that lady's day. I went door knocking on the 2nd day. I found myself creeping on people...driving slow enough through the ally to see through the fence posts to make sure she wasn't in someones backyard...knocking on every door I heard little dog barks from...looking in a woman's car at the gas station because I saw a fluffy white thing bouncing around in her car...preying on the mobile grooming bus parked a few blocks down to make sure she wasn't grooming someones new Pippa. I had to sleep without her that night not knowing where she was. I was devastated. As it turns out, she was picked up. She was not in a nice place. And the man tried to make money off of us to get her back. So traumatic for both of us. He ended up doing the right thing. And to make matters worse, this was all while Mike was sick and I had to go it alone! Poor me. Ok, pity party is over. But she's back...and the next time she leaves this house will to be microchipped! Mike is well now. It got worse before it got better but he made it through ;) And Milo? We are still waiting on that dad-gum tooth!
 Before the sky fell haha, we were able to spend some time at greenlake! It was a hot day so the kids decided to forgo the park area and go straight to the wading pool. I love that this exists right in the middle of a big city. One of the many reasons I love Seattle.

 Cute little bedhead...
We also made our 2nd annual trip to Snoqualmie to see Thomas the Train! Luca has been talking about it since last year :) This was the day that Mike realized he was super sick and the day after Pippa went MIA so I didn't get as many pictures...we were a little bamboozled this day and just surviving. But the kids LOVED it and that's all that matters!

 Milo and Daddy on the speedster!
 Just look at that face...the wind was a little much for him :)
Milo's first "ride"...

 Mike and I left Thomas early and the biggens stayed with the Murrays. Mike crawled in bed and I went on a Pippa hunt. We got the call from "George" who had a dog hunting business. (yeah right) Simple enough...just give him lots of money and he will find your dog! Yeah ok. What do you do? Call his bluff or give him the money bc he might have your dog? We called his bluff. "Tommy" called back a couple hours later and had our dog. I couldn't get my hopes up just in case I was being dooped again. But there she was. The Murrays were with us when we lost here and with us when we found her. They helped us search for her and kept our kids entertained at Thomas. We were so happy for such a perfect ending to a tough 24 hours!
 You win some you lose some right? Moving on! There's only 1 thing left to do...cut a tooth!

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