Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Seattle Summer Sun

The last part of July has been much smoother than the first :) We went for a picnic and to play at Kerry Park last week. We are still park hopping (and have been since we moved here) because there are so many close and beautiful parks to see! I can't believe we haven't been to this one. It has the best park view yet. It was kind of toasty this day so we didn't stay too long, but we ate, enjoyed and played and then went home for naps cool air from our newly installed window unit. 
Ella, Luca and the Puget Sound.

Milo's first picnic <3 nbsp="" p="">

Fancy Nancy at the park...
Not only did she look so fancy for this outing, she sang I'm so fancy the whole time. It doesn't get much cuter, flashier or fabulous than Ella Avery Reading.
All of my summer projects inevitably end up in me putting special things away and pulling other special things out for my projects. I organized Ella's room the other day and found a couple of things that I wanted to put away before they ended up lost or of them being her baby sunglasses. So I pulled out her keepsake box and called her up to take a look at the insides since she's had so many questions lately about when she was a baby. I told her about everything inside and why it was so special. These are just a few...maybe 20% of the things in there, but things that I haven't seen in so long and tugged at my heartstrings. Ella is all things girl, but she's no a baby girl in any way anymore. The blinded out pacis and rattle brought back so many memories. The pink and silver one is what I brought to the hospital. Her first pair of ballet shoes and that tiny little pink circular thing in the back is the headband I put on her in the hospital! It has tiny flowers on the top and basically fits me like a bracelet. My mother in law bought it when her and my mom went on a shopping spree in the hospital gift shop. Those days were special. The days of becoming a mom. I know it wasn't so long ago but things change so fast when they are this little and I'm getting misty eyed AGAIN just typing this dad-gum paragraph. It's hard to think I might never have a baby girl again. When I say might not I mean most likely will not, but I'm trying not to jinx it because really our hands are full!!! I have so many new "girl" things to do right now and even more in my future but it's hard to know that the past is done and just a memory. The sweetest memories in the world. I'll be saying the same thing when I no longer have a baby boy and I'm having to pack away that large yucky green alligator that hangs out of his mouth everyday or Luca's first pair of soccer cleats ;) Life is really good. Things aren't always easy, but it's good. Wow, who knew all that could come from a few pacis, a rattle, headband and shoes :)
I braved another outing to the library last week as well. If you remember from a few months back, our first trip did not. go. well. I had high hopes for this trip but it went about as well as last time did. Ella loved it and could have stayed 2 more hours. Luca ransacked the place and didn't listen worth a flip. He was a man on a mission. On a mission to destroy and get a PARTAY STARTEEEEEED!!! I really don't know what it is about that place that inspires him to act like a lunatic! All that being said, I think I'll quit pushing it for now and just take Ella from here on out. 
After the library we went to my go to coffee shop, Diva, for some treats. Ella ordered her usual-the chocolate ice princess. As you'll notice, Luca had water (because that is what he earned that day) but I'm not sure the consequence took because he was so excited about the neon straw! 
It was so so so so good to go out with my two "biggens". That doesn't happen much these days because there are now 3 of those little lovelies! I realized once we were out that it had been quite a lot of time since it was me and them doing something special again. And trust me, it took everything I had inside of me to not buy Luca his drink of choice at Diva...and if I didn't have the rest of the summer ahead of me (which leaves me in desperate need to be taken seriously by the dude) I probably would have!
Ok, if I'm being totally honest, I made him get water, but I did buy a chocolate donut to split between the 3 of us so he'd have something!
We have been playing super duper hard. This was after a 3 hour nap. We woke him up and he fell back asleep here. Then he got up to head for the dinner table...
but didn't quite make it before he passed back out right here!
I can tell Ella is getting a bit older because for the first time ever, I find myself upstairs with these 2 lil bros while Ella is doing her thing in her room (i.e. dancing, singing, dressing up, playing, watching movies and listening to music in her own room). Luca is a great help and is taking Ella's distance well. He loves being her little guy but also loves being the big guy to his "Miyo".

 I've opened up my kiddie craft pinterest board for the summer and we are trying some of those fun little things. This Friday on family movie night, we painted our snacks! Then we pulled the bed out of our couch (the kids thought what was the coolest thing ever) and we snuggled up and watched our movie and ate our beautifully crafted snacks :)
 We have also been enjoying the beautiful weather and our new patio table! The kids love playing outside and it's nice to have a place to kick your feet up and have dinner. 
lot's of girl time with this one...

 This week we hit up the dollar movie at our theater. I love the summer dollar movies. It is so cheap and so far we've been able to see movies that we never made it to see in the theater! Afterwards we sat outside and let the kids run through the fountain and "play chess" :)

 Most of all we are enjoying each other...lazy mornings, lots of family time, sleeping in, late nights, no homework...just easy living soaking in all of the rays we can :)

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