Saturday, July 12, 2014

Seattle Aquarium

This week we FINALLY made it to the Seattle Aquarium! It's on our ever so lengthy list of things to so here and places to see! We were so thankful to be treated by the sweetest couple who love to love on our family. Our kids lovingly call them Auntie Ann and Uncle Con. This places is absolutely amazing! You name it, they've got it...sharks, octopus, touch and feel exhibit for star fish and sea urchins, seals, otters, sea lions and every type of fish! It is built right off the Puget Sound and filters water in directly from it to supply for the marine life! 

Luca's favorite was the Scuba Diver in the tank that was able to talk to us from inside the tank! I have 2 very curious kids...they were the only 2 to raise their hands and ask questions and they had many of them! Ella was most fascinated that he could talk in the suit underwater and we could here. She wanted to know how to get a microphone like that! I know her so well that I know in her little head she was planning out an underwater mermaid serenade type of show ;) Luca was afraid of him at first, but I think it took him a minute to realize it was just a man in a suit! I forget this is all new to them. He was so taken with him that he picked out a subs guy in the gift shop as his treat when we left :)
I made fun of Mike last time we were at the zoo for reading so much and "learning" at the zoo. He loves to learn and studies everything everywhere. But I have to admit, this captured my interest and I may have been the most excited of them all! It was so fun to watch, read, learn and observe all of the marine life that lay in the Puget Sound that we see, visit or drive by every other day. 

My very best scary eel face...

Luca was also OBSESSED with the starfish. Even before we made it here to this exhibit. He got SO excited to see the starfish in the tank with the scuba man so imagine the joy and the thrill when we got here and he got to TOUCH them! They were all colors of red, purple and orange, so pretty. And huge. All I could think of though was when I had to dissect one in high school and my teacher didn't believe me that I was getting sick. I was so disgusted and that has never left me. So this one was a little hard for me to enjoy as fascinating as it was haha. 
They fed them while we were there too. They put clams in the water and they use 2 of their "feet" or whatever to pry it open. Then they stick their stomachs out of their body and into the shell to eat what's inside and then they put their stomach back. 
Ella was such a brave girl! It's funny how I was fine letting her do this but I was too afraid to do it myself! The sea urchins (which are living creatures by the way-new information to me-sorry don't have these kinds of things where I'm from)...anyway, if you put your finger in their little prickly things they close in around your finger to "hold your hand". Cool but freaky!

Milo's favorite were the jelly fish! Oh my gosh he was so cute. He just tracked them with his eyes, tried to touch them through the glass and would his hands up the glass as they swam on to try to catch them!

It was a big circular dome that they were in so they surrounded you and I think he thought he was in the water with the :)
We see these by the thousands down on the pier downtown so it was fun to see them up close and personal. 
Another favorite of Ella's and definitely my favorite by far...the octopus! They had 2, cupcake and Chubaca. These animals are absolutely amazing. No judging when I admit this, but I even get the teeny tiny little octopus when we go to the chinese buffet...I don't eat them but I just look and marvel.  Weird I know, but who cares! They are so cool. We only saw them asleep because we were having lunch of our own during their feeding time! We went back to see them after lunch before we left. They were starting to wake up and I'm pretty sure I cut in front of a few kids to get up close and personal with it. Mike basically had to pry me off the glass to leave because time was running out on the parking meter haha. 

posing with a life size whale fin!

walking down underground...kind of creepy to have the water above you!
swimming with the fishies...
The under water dome with the sharks and other sorts of scary fish with big teeth...

And then there were the sea lions and seals. I can't remember which was which but I'm pretty sure this was the sea lion. 
so amazing. very powerful animals for sure.

otters...quite possibly the cutest ocean animal. 

We came to see the seal. I can't remember the name of it but he was super cute and so talented! All I know is I've never seen this animal so close! He was well trained too. According to the trainer he didn't work as hard as he should have for his fishy treats because he's already built up a good layer of blubber but it was still cool. It was also beautiful looking back through the glass at the Puget Sound seeing the ferries and boats go by. 

Shaking his fur out :)

We will definitely be back! I have GOT to see the my octopus friends awake and eating :)

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