Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Princess with Pizazz

She is all girl and I am IN for it here in a few more years! So much so that I've signed her up for drama camp this summer. She's always had a big personality and much pizazz, but something about kindergarten, or maybe just her age, has brought out a little extra "sparkle". Purses, jewelry, lip GLOSS oh my! She swore to me the other day that she will let her little girl wear hot pink lipstick when she's little. She has been closing the car door with a swing of her hip. I wanted a girly girl and that is what I got! I look at it with wide eyes, pride, happiness and if I'm going to be honest...a little fear! I can see her becoming her own and maturing so much. She knows what she likes and always has so many ideas. She can make the most mundane task a party hopping adventure. And then last week...I found these videos on my phone. My girl. She's fabulous.

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