Thursday, July 31, 2014

Photo Dump

We are having so much fun this summer that I write a bajillion blog posts and still have to have a photo dump :)  

 Milo and his watch dog. Love. This adorable duo needs a Milo and Company :)
{Milo & Co.}
Milo, being the baby, certainly gets his fair share of TLC and pampering. I'm sure all the others will claim that he has it the easiest (according to Mike-the 3rd child). But I'm just saying...he has his fair share of problems!
3rd child probs right here for your viewing pleasure...

More pics from Thomas...

 love my girl...always up for a good time!

 riding Thomas!
 early morning donut date with Daddy
This weekend, Ella and I will set sail to Paradise Bay for a slumber party girls weekend (+Milo) at a friend's beach house! Can't wait :)

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