Sunday, July 6, 2014

Off with bang...

First I have to start by saying Milo is doing great at nights but still eats at 3 and comes to our bed at 4:30. This morning, Mike woke up early to get ready for his sermon. Milo woke up before I did and was just hanging out. He and Pippa were playing and giving kisses. I felt a little movement and as I came too, I opened my eyes and this was the happy face to greet me. It's like he was saying, "oh hi Mommy! Good morning!" I woke up sick but felt like a million bucks at the same time. I feel like the luckiest mommy in the world to have my 3 little lovelies. 
 So now Mike is at church with the big kids and I'm at home back in bed with these two for nap time. I have a fever and feel super yucky. However, something about these 2 by my side make it a little better! I've taken my nap, so now I sit here blogging my sick blues away...

Summer has started off with a bang! Literally! And in more ways than one. We've survived Ella's first (and hopefully last) concussion and the 4th of July! We are 2 weeks in and having lots and lots of fun, but it has been quite eventful :)
We've had so much fun these first two weeks. We've had many play dates with friends and fun outings. Towards the end of the first week I felt like we needed something constructive to do. We've burned lots of energy but still had so much time! I made bags with paint inside. Each kid chose their color. Luca was never left alone with his bag ;) Actually I went to fill up my water and he made a b line for the living room but didn't get far. Whew. Close call. Anyway, with q-tips, Ella practiced reading and writing sight words and Luca practiced writing his name! Gotta keep our brains in shape too! It was fun for the kids and it didn't feel like "school work". Success.
Our neighbor Mary went out of town and we got to practice one of our favorite neighborly duties...picking her fruits and veggies! We watered her magnificent backyard and also got to reap the benefits of her hard work in her garden! We were having new friends over to our house that night that we met at our church, but these didn't last 2 hours let alone all day. (and this was only a portion!)
We also enjoyed a picnic on a beautiful summer evening with these fine friends!
(Milo and Simon not included...but present!)
When I wasn't chasing Luca as he took off ramping the stroller with Milo in it down the hill, I was enjoying nice conversation with Emily. When Emily wasn't chasing Simon trying to escape the grounds, she was dining with me while the boys and big kids played frisbee. When Luca wasn't trying to take every riding toy with wheels down the slide, he was in and out of the frisbee game and demolishing plates of food. When Ella wasn't sitting down with a headache because of a prior injury that day (side note: didn't know about the concussion yet!), she was in the frisbee game too and helping with the little kids. And you know what, it was FUN! =) Kids just make everything more fun. A little harder, but good times :)
 After learning that Ella had a concussion, all of the mental and physical activities came to a screeching halt which made week 2 of summer break a little more difficult. Leave it to Luca to give Ella her first concussion! I kid, but really, these things don't surprise me anymore haha. Ella was standing up in the wagon and Luca got a little curious. He gave it one little tug and just like slow motion, I watched Ella flip backwards with feet over head and go down head first on the concrete! I am NOT one to stay calm in these situations, but I didn't scream and cry and shout out to onlookers to call 911 like the time I did when she bobbled at the park in Texas. Looking back I can see how Mike was so embarrassed and my brother/sister-in-law found it so funny. 
Anyway, that happened Monday and by Tuesday night I knew things weren't quite right. Then on Tuesday Luca hit her in the forehead with a baseball bat and I freaked. On Wednesday morning she fell over with nausea and head pain. I decided we needed to go right away. Mike accused her of being dramatic. In his defense it really is hard to tell these days! But don't worry he apologized and when he asked how he could make it up to her, she asked for 4 different flavors of popsicles...peach, blueberry, chocolate and strawberry kale (yes there is such a thing). And of course NONE of those flavors come in the same box. So what does a remorseful Daddy do? He buys 4 boxes of popsicles of course! By Wednesday afternoon I realized I was going to have to call in reinforcements to stop the tears. SO...Dr. Bridget to the rescue! On the first day, Bridget stayed in bed with her. She read to her, talked to her, listened to music with her, dressed barbies with her and helped me keep her still! On day 2, Bridget came back and I let E get up. They made clay figures, at popsicles (so many flavors to choose from haha) and drew pictures. Luca went to Bridget's house to play with his friend (her little brother) Jimmy! The house was quiet. This family saved me those first two days! What you can't tell in this pic is that they both were rocking out to the Beatles record playing in the back. I love the music teacher at Whittier!
She's been spoiled rotten and taken good care of. It's hard to keep a 6 year old in bed doing nothing. No reading, no TV, nothing. And I have to say, as ornery as our little Luca Bo is...he's even sweeter. He has more love and tenderness than orneriness and that is A LOT. As soon as he realized she was hurt he ran to get her favorite rainbow bear and ice-packs and was beside himself. He gets very afraid and emotional when he thinks he's hurt someone. Ella is ok now and looking back it is a pretty funny story and one that I'm sure she will still be hanging over his head around the Thanksgiving table in 2040..."hey remember that time you gave me a concussion?" He won't get away with it easily. She will use this as ammo for years to come!

SO...clearly, by Friday, I had to break away. In addition to the concussion, Milo is cutting his first tooth. And Luca, well, you know...I even when nothing is going on with him I have to constantly watch him to make sure he's not biting off all the strawberry tips in our fridge, trying to fly, sticking gum in his carpet...things like that. I got up bright and early, Mike was home, I got to go to the bathroom by myself and before I knew it I had a super fancy outfit on and pageant worthy make-up. I guess I just needed to feel human again! So I left and went to one of the coffee shops I've been wanting to try (recommended by a previous Bachelor contestant and then Bachelorette who is currently residing in Seattle with her chosen one hahaha). No judging. I posted on Facebook how I was all ready by 9:00 on a Saturday morning and feeling impressed with myself. Then someone commented how it was Friday! SO realizing how disoriented I was for the week, I planned an extravagant day flying solo and got super excited that I had another day tomorrow! Anyway, one coffee, fritata and dry blood orange soda later, I was feeling great!
 I don't know why I feel like summer break is the best time to do projects. I mean, when I was teaching it was. But now that I stay home, it's not. But my brain hasn't made the switch and I still feel like summer time is my least busy time. My next big project is to refinished my old jenny lind high chair that was mine as a baby! So I pinterested over my treats and made my list. I spent the rest of the day hitting up little shops. Then I ventured into the burbs to find a Marshalls. I ended up shopping for the rest of the day and coming home to prep for our 4th of July evening!
After my shopping adventures I went home to make my dessert I was bringing to our gathering for the 4th at Ella's friends house. The same friends we spent New Years with. We ate like kings and queens, shot off some fireworks, watched some of the firework show from Gasworks Park on TV...the one we actually went to last year!
Ella even held a sparkler this year! That's a huge step from last year...
 She's still scarred from stepping on the punk when she was 3.
But here we are this year...a little braver than before...and with sweet friends!

 little buddy. he'll be so excited when Milo gets old enough to join. it's hard to be the only boy with a bunch of bossy girls!
 sweet moment...

 The were so excited...
My little firecrackers!
Baby your a firework...
come on show them what your worth.
 Make them go up up up, 
As they shoot across the sky, y, y!
Cause baby your a firework...
come on let your colors burst...
make them go ah, ah, ah,
you're gonna leave them in awe, awe, awe!
Boom, boom, boom...
even brighter than the moon, moon, moon! -Katy Perry
 this little firecracker burned out before we went home :-) it was a fun 4th for all!
 So fun in fact that we all slept pretty much then entire day after!
 One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I've got mad love for this man! (and the tiny one too!)
And again, being so sick today, I had to call on my friend Lynette. She rescued my by taking my big babes to entertain them for the day while Daddy was performing a wedding ceremony so I could rest in a quiet house. She greeted my with a little care package as well. We are feeling settled here in Seattle and love having people around us to share life with and call on when the going gets tough! So thankful these guys had a fun day...
Then End! Here's to a "non eventful" month...I hope :)

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