Thursday, July 31, 2014

Golden Gardens

This lovely little place on earth is just 2.2 miles from our back door! We love Golden Gardens. Mommy got brave last week and spent the day with all 3 lovelies at the beach...solo :) Daddy was working away so we decided to join friends to beat the heat. This 85 degree weather is a bummer in Seattle! I know I know...I can hear the groans from all my Texans all the way here haha. I mean, look at this place!
Milo enjoyed a nice nap with the warm sun, cool breeze and the sound of the waves behind him...
 my view...


 typical girl..gymnastics on the beach!
and sand angels!
double trouble right here!
Look how fast this dude can run in the sand! Future track star right here...
Luca buried in the sand :) I'm shocked he sat still long enough for that!
cooling off with cool treats...
 hahaha...that's one way to say it!

 batman pops for the boys...
 snow cones for the girls!
 baby beach bum!!!

 drying off in the sun at the playground...

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