Thursday, July 24, 2014

Be My Little Baby

I can see the bond between these two strengthening evermore. Luca took to Milo and made him his right away. Ella thought he was cool and all. She loved him to pieces. But honestly I think she had to forgive him first for being a boy :) Now that he's interactive and engages with her, I can really tell he's melted her heart and won her over. She wants to do everything for him. Hold him all the time. She still likes to be "in charge" of him but the nurturing side is really coming out. She cares if he's upset and just wants to love on him all the time. She is just the best sissy in the world. She will love, nurture, protect and care for both of those boys...but keep them in line at the same time ;) These are the moments that melt my heart...

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