Thursday, July 31, 2014

8 months

Your 8th month has been GRAND baby boy! Sissy is home on summer break and our school year activities have died down. We spend a lot of time as a family of 5 these days and it is FULL TIME LOVIN for you mighty man!
You also broke your first tooth! It was a beast! If you look closely you can see that tiny little tooth FINALLY made it's appearance...not without a fight though :) You may be a little "tender" like your daddy ;) haha
{too cute for words}

You are also quite vocal these days :) Our house a lot more noisy now! I just love those baby babbles though. Melts my heart! You also are making an adorable little squeaky noise these days. You only do it once in the video but usually do it over and over :) Your best tricks these days are squeaking, scooting, blowing bubbles with your lips ...

I think this is the perfect picture of what it looks like to be the baby of 3 hahaha...
Don't worry Milo it's good for you ;) For the hardships of being the youngest of 3 also comes with many privileges that you will have that your biggens won't because Mommy and Daddy will have already been through it twice before you! I'm sure we will have chilled out a lot by then and quite frankly, probably exhausted too :) You will get away with many things. You will be doted on, pampered, worried about and taken care of your whole life. You're everyones baby after all! But first, you've gotta to do the time...
"Mommy help me!!!"

You think your brother is SO cool and he loves being the "big guy". All he has to do is run by and you laugh like this. I'm seeing so many fun times ahead with you two!
You've been watching your brother intently and are learning to make a little mischief of your own! The very first time you let me put you down our walk out of your sight this day was to get into the magazines...just like a little boy is supposed to do :)
We went on your second picnic to Kerry park. Your sissy and Luca played hard while you sat there and looked adorable. 
You and Pippa are still buds. She still watches out for you wherever you go! Now I'm having to make sure you don't pull her ears! She's very patient with you though. 
I snapped this little picture on the left and it reminded me of one of my favorite pictures of your Daddy! 
Mommy has to let you cry to make you sleep sometimes. Sissy absolutely can't stand it. I caught her sneaking in giving you little kisses :)
I think her favorite thing this summer has been taking care of you! She loves to change your diaper and clothes. You are like her own little baby doll. 
Our Friday and Saturday mornings when Daddy is home have looked a lot like this...
playing outside while we cook out in the gorgeous weather...
holding your bottle for the very first time!
 More sissy bonding! 
By the way I think this is the sweetest picture ever. I see her care and protection and your vulnerability with her. 
 I love walking in after your naps and seeing this little face smiling at me! (when you're not crying mamamamama of course...that's equally as sweet if you ask me)...
Just a few days shy of turning 8 months, you started "scooting"! You have amazing upper body strength. It's like an army crawl :) You've started using one little foot to help push. But either way, you can definitely get where you need to go!

You are getting so big...but you will forever be my newborn baby :)

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