Sunday, June 22, 2014

{The Wedding} AR part 2

While on our trip home, my cousin Blake got married! So after spending a week in Springdale we packed up and headed to Salem, MO for wedding weekend! Ella was the flower girl and Luca was the ring bearer. Storms were looming all day and it was an outdoor wedding. The weatherman kept saying it was coming and the clouds backed that up, but nothing ever happened so they proceeded with the outdoor ceremony as planned. Of course mid way into the ceremony the clouds gave way and it started to rain. But the most beautiful moment was when he kissed the bride it stopped raining and the sun burst a scene right out of a movie! It was a beautiful ceremony and we all are so happy for them. After driving in, we all met for lunch and this was Kendra's first time to met Milo!
mama's girl <3 p="">
waiting to get her hair done!

all dolled up and leaving the hotel for pictures!

seriously the cutest little ring bearer in the whole wide world!

cousin Morgan!

All smiles!
Then I asked him to give her a kiss...
He gave me this boo face and so I bribed him with candy and then just like magic...
This is Morgan's boyfriend Josh and Luca's new BFF...

Ella made friends with these little bridesmaids...

Waiting for the wedding to start...
hanging out with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kim...
Seriously the best pic ever!
hanging out with the bride...

Four generations right here...Ella, me, Mom and Granny!

Then it was go time!
Granny and Grandpa :)
Ella was a champ of course...

And Luca rocked it too! I was nervous when I had to leave him to go sit down because I didn't know if he'd try to pull anything. Other than the one time that my cousin had to catch him and hold him down to  keep him from running out into the aisle to throw a big rock. Other than that he was a perfect gentleman :)

I love this picture of him watching the bride come down!
He had a tiny tinge of orneriness come over him mid way through the ceremony. I knew it was coming when I saw this look on his face...

He started flipping his sign over his head just a few times and then he pulled it back together :-)
Saying "I do"
Seriously, just look at how the sun is beaming down through those dark storm clouds in the back! It was a magical moment. 

Picture time! 
"Say cheese!1....2.....3"

Nana B and her babies!


little lovelies...


This one was running out of steam by the end of the wedding. But a quick nap in the car and a few cupcakes later, he went from this...
To this!
Reception time!

Poor Morgan couldn't get her bubbles blowin :-( I thought this picture was super funny until Josh said we both have this face >:(
reception loot
And they lived happily ever after!
Funny side note. These two really took a liking to each other. Luca thinks Josh is super cool and Josh is a great sport and entertains the little fella. When we got home from the wedding, Luca told me Josh was coming over for a play date :)

So after the reception, Josh came over for his play date and then we all met up and went out for ice cream :) Don't ask me why I thought this was a good idea. Fatigue+sugar+long distance traveling=a recipe for disaster. Soon Luca started licking the walls, Ella began running in circles and Milo was screaming b/c he was so tired. As soon as we wrangled them back to the hotel, Luca disappeared! He made a mad dash for the stairwell before we could all say goodnight so then we went on a Luca hunt. I had 2 tired kiddos that's for sure! But at least we had FUN!!! Memories were made that's for sure :)

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