Sunday, June 22, 2014

{The Cabin} AR part 3

On the THIRD leg of our trip, we ended up back in Van Buren at Mike's parents house. We spent a couple of days there with Mike's sister, husband and kiddos before heading to Branson with the WHOLE family! While we were in Van Buren, Mike and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary!!! We went on a date the night before and then I woke up to these beautiful flowers and a handwritten note...front and back :)
Our anniversary dinner the night before turned out to be a flop. The food was GROSS and we got into a huge argument just like a grouchy old married couple traveling across the country with a lot of kids and a little sleep would. Oh wait. That's exactly what happened haha! It's ok we can laugh about it now :)  So the next day (anniversary dinner...take 2) Mimi and Pops took the big kids to McDonalds and we snuck away with the baby to get a Dagwood at Kopper Kettle. The food was delish and the company was nice ;) You really haven't lived until you've had one of these things. Oh. My. Word.
These sweet girls were so happy to be together again!

By this point in the trip, our little homebody was exhausted. He slept every chance he could. 
So after a couple of days in Van Buren, the whole Reading clan made their way to Branson, Missouri! We all had a big cabin together. Yes that's right...Grandmama, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and kids in ONE cabin! 12 adults. 10 kids. It wasn't long before family members started making their way around the cabin to see if anyone brought Xanax haha. Crazy?...duh! Kid fights?...of course! Sleep?...not much. Fun?...absolutely! Memories?...fond ones. As crazy as it sounds (and it was) it was so nice to be in one place together for 3 days and 2 nights. Constant family time. We had a lot of time to make up for!  We loved every minute. 

Pops and the gang!

On the last day, we all had tickets to go to Silver Dollar City. Well. Milo had maxed out by this point. He was as done as the turkey in Christmas Vacation. See what I mean?
And this guy was just spent. We know our limitations!

So we sent Ella on with everyone and took our boys to Nana B and Papa Bo's house. We were traveling back to Seattle the next day and they just needed to disengage and sleep. I however was super sad to miss SDC. I have so many memories there as a child! That just means we will have to go back!

This was a big bonding trip for Ella and Aunt Dee Dee. They were buds and riding partners the whole day!
The next day we hopped on a plane back to Seattle. We all were in survival mode at this point. I did what any super-mom desperate mom would do and I popped some ear phones on Milo and turned on the cartoons. (and if there are any judgy moms reading this just know I had the volume way down ok?). 

Ella cried and sucked her thumb, Luca passed out once again, and Milo enjoyed nursing and foot rubs! Anything to keep him from screaming like the video above!

So now we are home with full hearts, happy memories and already dreaming of our next adventure home :) But FIRST...summer break!!!!

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