Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ella's Dance Recital

On our FIRST day home from Arkansas, Ella had a dance recital! Seriously. We got to our house around 6:00 pm, went to bed and got up the next day to watch sister dance! I for one was super excited in spite of my delerium because this is one of those super fun girl mom moments :) Make-up, hair, glitter OH MY!

Miss thang struck many a poses for the camera and I snapped away! Work it girl!

And this fun friend will be a Whittier Wildcat next year!!! So exciting!
Spider-man came to watch sister perform too!
and she danced her little heart out...

And I love the progression of these next few pictures and the story it tells. Ella was Merrida from Brave in her dance so instead of getting her flowers, I got her a Brave bow and arrow toy like Merrida's from the movie! After the show, Luca was waiting for her outside with the little bow and arrow strapped across his shoulder like a little prince. He was so proud of her and so excited to give it to her. And then Ella, true to form, dramatically threw her hands to her chest and said, "FOR ME?!?!" She was elated. And it was all down hill from here haha...

Luca hands it over, so proud. Ella is so excited. He shows her how to work it and she takes it.
And then Luca decides he still wants to play with it too and Ella is stoked! She's not giving it up anytime soon!
And then she's like, "look what I got Mom!" And Luca's like, "but I want to play with it!" (he's mid "huff" behind her in the pic)
And then we had a happy Ella and a sad Luca hahaha. 
But sure enough, spider-man came around :-) 
Ella and her medal!
These two...
So before the recital started, Ella was back with her class and we had a couple of hours. Her recital was at the Seattle Children's Museum downtown. We dropped her off and just hung out at the Seattle Center. It was then that my sadness in leaving "home" was met with a thankfulness and love for my city and I felt happy to be back. It's just way cool. That's all I can say. We stopped in Skillet Diner for the best brunch I've ever eaten in my life. This guy in his favorite attire (jeans and a bowtie) was looking so daper.  

And we just hung out listening to the music outside, playing in the fountain, smelling all the food trucks, looking at all the tents set up with art and all of the festivities they had going on from SPU's graduation. 

We're home!

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