Saturday, June 21, 2014

MM 6 month well check!

 After returning from our adventures in Arkansas, we finally made our way to the doctor (2 weeks late) for Milo's 6 month well check! 
{Blog posts from our trip coming soon!}
You are 19 lbs 4 oz 75th %tile (Mighty indeed!!!)
27.25 inches 75th %tile
And true to Reading baby form...head circumference is off the charts!
You are a MA-MAS-BOY and raised cain for the doctor! Stranger danger is taking form and you weren't sure what to think about this guy. You weren't happy about him at all! But when he turned so you could see mama's face you just stopped immediately and grinned through those big alligator tears :) His words, "oh my! Mark my words this guy is going to be a pistol!" You still sleep with mama and daddy and pretty much nurse all night long to soothe yourself. We are about to start sleep training so mama can get on a more sustainable schedule because I don't think you will come by sleeping independent naturally. As I type this we've already started and I have to admit that I'm loving a little more sleep but I do miss my boo face at night :-( You're so warm and squishy and I love rubbing your fuzzy little head all snuggled up to me!
And Luca still recovering from our trip haha. He did in fact fall asleep on the doctor's office floor. Unlike his baby brother, this middle man can sleep anywhere! Poor guy was exhausted from all of our travels and took days to recoup.

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