Saturday, June 21, 2014

{Milo's 1/2 Birthday} AR part 1

We began our two week vacation back home with a long day of flying followed by a long day of driving until we arrived in Van Buren at the in-law's house! It was so so so so good to be back home together as a family. It was by far the longest stretch we've ever had to go without going home! It was good for the heart, soul and mind.

We even had a little impromptu gathering with our besties in Texas! We ended up stopping for dinner at Rosas (one of the many places on our "food we miss and will eat as much as possible while at home" list). We ended up stopping, we called and they came running! So we were off to a good start :) We call Arkansas, Texas and now Seattle "home" so wherever we go we have people we love and miss!
So like I said we started out in Van Buren, AR with Mimi and Pops. Our kids ran wild and free from sun up to sun down for 2 days straight. They came in to potty (well Ella did anyway ;) haha). We sent food out to them and let them "de-cityfy". Even Ella let herself get filthy dirty!
Pops showing off his newest grandlove at church :)
On the day we traveled home, Milo turned 6 months!!! So what did we do? We called both sides of the family to gather to celebrate our mighty man. Since everyone was so far away when he was born, we just used this as an excuse to come celebrate this lovely addition to the family! We certainly don't need an excuse to gather and party but this was a pretty special one! It's so nice to my family and Mike's family all together at once. It's such a blessing to be able to do that and so special for Mike and I to have our WHOLE family together!

Happy half birthday boo!
Of course we celebrated a half birthday with half a cake :)

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Mighty Milo, happy birthday to YOU!

Let them eat cake!
Milo's tiny taste of icing :) Not a fan! I'm sure that will change here before too long!

Then we all spent the rest of the evening just loving on Milo and enjoying being together as a family. 
This was the first time for Ella and Luca to see their cousins since being back and they were so happy!

Sorry David I had to!
Mike and his brother David...pretty much the orneriest man in the world who now makes me pay for all of the "brotherly shenanigans" I never had to have growing up! If you think Luca's bad well...
this is where he gets it from!
Josh, aka Luca's new BFF, got out of the car he was leaving in as Luca ran after him just to give him one more dunk! What a guy :)

We spent the rest of the week in Springdale at my mom and dad's house {Nana B and Papa Bo}. Somehow some of my pics got deleted so I can't show you their favorite part...a HUGE blue "tractor" as Luca would say! My dad got them hooked on lawn mower rides and after man long, loud and slow rides, Papa Bo bought these guys a four wheeler to ride. It even has a setting so they can DRIVE! So the trusty ole lawnmower is old news now :) The kids were in heaven. Papa Bo quickly became Luca's favorite person even asking Mike and I to "leave him alone". Basically he wanted us to go somewhere so he could have alone time with his Papa Bo. These are "The Bo's". My big Bo and my little Bo :-) 
We went swimming with my Aunt DeLynn and cousin Morgan one day...another activity they miss! Seattle doesn't have many consistent super warm days to swim outside and because of that there are very few outdoor pools! We do more indoor swimming which just isn't the same!

Poolside popsicles! 
Luca loved jumping in the pool to his Aunt DeLynn

and crash...
More posts from our adventures in Arkansas coming soon!

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