Monday, June 30, 2014

{7 months} Baby Boo Boo

Baby boo face is 7 months old today!!! He is as sweet as pie and I just can't get enough! The sleep training commenced after our cold and we are well on our way to sleeping though the night!!! He goes to sleep around 6. He sometimes wakes up for a bit but goes back down without eating around 8 and then he sleeps until 3:00 am!!! I feed him at 3 am and he goes right back to bed and sleeps until 6ish. Every now and then he will wake at 1:30 am but he only needs his paci at that time. And in addition to sleeping like a rockstar, he's rocking it IN. THE CRIB. Doesn't he look so proud of himself?...:)
The first couple of nights I was up every hour making sure I wasn't sleeping through the cries. The next couple of nights I slept better but woke up to feed because my clock is off. The next few nights I got a little more rest and woke up SO GROUCHY! You know when you sleep to much and you're in a funk? Maybe that was it. I'm not sleeping too much by any stretch of the imagination but I'm definitely sleeping more than I have in about a year. My brain is in shock! 
 And even though he's giving me this sweet face, he actually feels pretty miserable. He's cutting his first tooth! It's on the bottom and I can feel the bulge. We all know men don't handle pain well :) 

This month he also had his first swing ride. There were giggles galore! 

Would you look at those hunky chunky legs?!?! Delicious. 

And even though he battled a rough cold this month...

he was still so happy!
Right now I would say his favorite toy is the alligator on his paci and his toes :-)

Milo we just love you so much! I know I've said this before but I don't know how we ever lived without you! You complete us. You'll forever be my newborn baby boy :-) It's very clear that you were born to be the baby. You love to be coddled and you have a whole family who love to do just that. You're not in a hurry for anything and I love that! We are savoring every moment.

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