Monday, June 30, 2014

{7 months} Baby Boo Boo

Baby boo face is 7 months old today!!! He is as sweet as pie and I just can't get enough! The sleep training commenced after our cold and we are well on our way to sleeping though the night!!! He goes to sleep around 6. He sometimes wakes up for a bit but goes back down without eating around 8 and then he sleeps until 3:00 am!!! I feed him at 3 am and he goes right back to bed and sleeps until 6ish. Every now and then he will wake at 1:30 am but he only needs his paci at that time. And in addition to sleeping like a rockstar, he's rocking it IN. THE CRIB. Doesn't he look so proud of himself?...:)
The first couple of nights I was up every hour making sure I wasn't sleeping through the cries. The next couple of nights I slept better but woke up to feed because my clock is off. The next few nights I got a little more rest and woke up SO GROUCHY! You know when you sleep to much and you're in a funk? Maybe that was it. I'm not sleeping too much by any stretch of the imagination but I'm definitely sleeping more than I have in about a year. My brain is in shock! 
 And even though he's giving me this sweet face, he actually feels pretty miserable. He's cutting his first tooth! It's on the bottom and I can feel the bulge. We all know men don't handle pain well :) 

This month he also had his first swing ride. There were giggles galore! 

Would you look at those hunky chunky legs?!?! Delicious. 

And even though he battled a rough cold this month...

he was still so happy!
Right now I would say his favorite toy is the alligator on his paci and his toes :-)

Milo we just love you so much! I know I've said this before but I don't know how we ever lived without you! You complete us. You'll forever be my newborn baby boy :-) It's very clear that you were born to be the baby. You love to be coddled and you have a whole family who love to do just that. You're not in a hurry for anything and I love that! We are savoring every moment.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

{Summer Break}

We are back from vaca and hit the ground running! You can see our Arkansas adventures here, here and here. Our first day home, we had Ella's dance recital and we haven't stopped since! The following week was Ella's last week of school! This year has been a whirlwind. I sent my baby girl to kinder and before I knew it...POOF! It was over. Ella was sad to leave all her friends for the summer but it didn't last longer than the last day of school because we've been here there and everywhere with friends! Here are some pics from her last day. They had an assembly as a school and then they had a class party with a slideshow and lots and lots of treats!
These two girls are such sweeties. They both have the kindest hearts. I'm excited for them to grow through school together.
All the girl-frans! (Except one who was in the background bawling her eyes out...the drama has begun my friends!)
Ella and Miss Harrington on the first day...
and then the last day!
Luca is still catching up on his rest from our trip. Luca loves to be home. He is very much a homebody. He parties hard but needs his home, his bed, his naps and full night's sleep. This was 2 days after getting home. He napped 4 1/2 hours and then woke up thinking it was breakfast. He demanded fruit loops! haha
He even fell asleep on the floor of the doctor's office during Milo's well check!
We've been sleep training Milo. He started needing/wanting to feed one the hour all night. Pretty much anytime he coughed, rolled, took a breath, he'd need to nurse to soothe himself. Also, he couldn't sleep unless I was right beside him. Our trip inspired me to develop some more sustainable sleep patterns. It wasn't until then that I realized just how much we both need sleep and someone besides me needs to be able to take care of him! Plus, if I'm going to have a successful summer with 3 kiddies, then MAMA NEEDS SLEEP! No more morning snuggle nap sessions in the mornings while the kids were at school. My doctor assured me he is not feeling abandonment and those ferocious cries he lets out are of the tantrum nature and NOT from feelings of neglect. After 3 hard days he's gone 3 great nights. Not only is he only feeding once a night, but he's sleeping in his crib! Little turkey. So one day it got so quiet and I knew he had FINALLY given it up. And when I looked into the monitor I saw these big ole eyes saying, "mommy I know you're in there!"
Look what Milo can do!
And I know I've said this before, but it's just SO HARD to put him champion little snuggler.
Also, on the last week of school, I ended up hosting like 1,000 play dates between Luca and Ella's friends. What came over me? I'll never know. Maybe just sentiments from Ella's first year of school and Luca's first year of preschool. But I have to admit, sitting on the back patio with happy kids and this pretty puppy wasn't so bad...
And this cutie pie just watched the commotion and played with his tiny toes :)
Hey, you wanna see something super cute? Their feet. They both, SINCE BIRTH, have crossed their feet to sleep. I think it's the cutest thing that they both do that! Like I said, these boys have slept a lot trying to catch up from our trip. I spent Ella's last week of school just me and the boys :-) (and hosting those1,000 play dates haha). I also did a lot of prepping for a summer with 3 little lovelies at home! But these crossed cute. It has to be genetic because the both do it. It amazes me. 
So the last week of school was a big week. Mommy was so tired and Sunday was a hard day for baby boy so we just locked ourselves in my room for a little Sunday afternoon nap sesh with my puppy and babe. Heaven.
 So now summer break has arrived! I have to redeem myself from last summer when I was a timid mommy in a new city who couldn't do anything but focus on first trimester pregnancy which included napping, vomiting, crying, vomiting and then more napping. Followed by crying. 
This summer...we PARTY!!!
 We had a lot of fun on our first week of summer break. On Monday, we went bowling as a family (and I won muahahaha) and then Ella and Luca were invited to Bridget and Jimmy's house for a play date. Mike and I went home, put Milo down for a nap and seized the opportunity for a homely little date!
On Tuesday we hit up the dollar theater. The kids chose Smurfs 2. It was my first time at the movies with all 3 kids by myself {EEK!} but it actually went very well. I mean our floors were covered in popcorn and Milo's blanky had coke spilled all over it and Luca ran behind the wall with the screen and I maneuvered potty breaks leaving an unattended child in the theater twice and good thing it was dark because I pretty much nursed Milo the entire time and I forgot my nursing cover but other than that, it was great! Believe it or not, that's pretty uneventful for us now-a-days. I wouldn't have it any other way and that was actually easier than staying in the house with all of them all day :)
On Wednesday we hit up a park date with my mom's group at Ella Bailey park. I've always heard this park has the best view and now I believe it. This picture really doesn't do it justice but the space needle, city skyline, Puget Sound...all right in front of you. 

My friend Emily was there with her little Simon. I'm so glad that I met this lovely lady. We really have so much in common and it' just one of those effortless friendships. I'm so blessed to have her, I always enjoy our chats and it's so nice to have someone to share life with! It was so nice pushing our babies in the swing just talking about anything and everything while sipping coffee and admiring the view. Just once we were interrupted by a mom bringing my unattended (but accounted for), injured and crying child to me while I was on the other side of the playground with the baby swing. 3 kids on the playground is really hard ok? haha
And because I have to document all of my adventures with Luca, I have to tell you that he had an "episode" at the park. It really is hard for me to contain myself when things like this happen because, guys, he's SO DARN CUTE. I can see him in all his imaginative glory just going on adventures with himself and whatever may be going on in his little mind. He means no harm and just gets carried away in the moment becoming a little very much out of touch with reality. I knew he was serious when he approached me with a "sword" a stick. I was sitting in a big swing chair with Milo and I told him not to swing towards the baby. He looked at me and came closer with it which is when I realized he didn't have shoes on. After navigating a land mine of dog poo out in the grassy knoll with Emily and Simon, I panicked and politely asked  yelled at him to GET HIS SHOES ON!!! Never mind the sharp object, just get the shoes on for love of candy canes! He then turns around taking off the head of every beautiful and perfectly planted flower before Emily could grab Milo and I could hoist myself out of the big chair swing...which then he ran from me and I chase him pleading for Ella to find his shoes. I wrestle him down, confiscate the sword (burying it in the wood chips) and then put his shoes on. He snapped out of it and was an angel the rest of the day :)
Milo's first time on the swing...

 My little Seattleite in the swing with the space needle in the background! 
 We had a park date with Luca's preschool class on Thursday that we skipped because all 3 of my babes have colds :-( I can give E and L benedryl and they know how to blow their nose but this poor guy, well, he's miserable. Of course AS SOON as we get crib sleeping AND scheduled naps AND sleeping through the night established, he gets a cold. So back in the swing for naps and bed with mama for now. A part of me is bummed because that was hard work but at the same I kind of love him being in bed with me...bittersweet. I really miss him when he's not there but I love to sleep!
Itchy, red, watery eyes and a green nose. So tough for little ones. And so sad...

At home (in the south) there are snow cone stands on every single corner. Not here. Nope. There are coffee stands on ever corner which I can't complain! But snow cones are non existent here! I can't tell you how many little shacks I've pulled up to in an attempt to order a snow cone only to read the sign and realize it's a coffee shack!  I've searched high and low for snow cones and well, there are none. But as I was cutting through a street on our way to our park date, I found a little stand that I assumed had to be for coffee, but as I got closer, I saw SNOW CONES!!! It's basically a snow cone food truck. We pulled up to his house and it was gone. Next week we will stalk him until we find out where he parks that thing and we WILL get our snow cones!!! We will keep him in business this summer...even when it's 68 degrees and raining. It's principle ya'll. Another thing we want to do this summer is hit up all of the yummy food trucks. I'm slowly but surely adapting to the ways of the north :-) Stay tuned for summer 2014!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ella's Dance Recital

On our FIRST day home from Arkansas, Ella had a dance recital! Seriously. We got to our house around 6:00 pm, went to bed and got up the next day to watch sister dance! I for one was super excited in spite of my delerium because this is one of those super fun girl mom moments :) Make-up, hair, glitter OH MY!

Miss thang struck many a poses for the camera and I snapped away! Work it girl!

And this fun friend will be a Whittier Wildcat next year!!! So exciting!
Spider-man came to watch sister perform too!
and she danced her little heart out...

And I love the progression of these next few pictures and the story it tells. Ella was Merrida from Brave in her dance so instead of getting her flowers, I got her a Brave bow and arrow toy like Merrida's from the movie! After the show, Luca was waiting for her outside with the little bow and arrow strapped across his shoulder like a little prince. He was so proud of her and so excited to give it to her. And then Ella, true to form, dramatically threw her hands to her chest and said, "FOR ME?!?!" She was elated. And it was all down hill from here haha...

Luca hands it over, so proud. Ella is so excited. He shows her how to work it and she takes it.
And then Luca decides he still wants to play with it too and Ella is stoked! She's not giving it up anytime soon!
And then she's like, "look what I got Mom!" And Luca's like, "but I want to play with it!" (he's mid "huff" behind her in the pic)
And then we had a happy Ella and a sad Luca hahaha. 
But sure enough, spider-man came around :-) 
Ella and her medal!
These two...
So before the recital started, Ella was back with her class and we had a couple of hours. Her recital was at the Seattle Children's Museum downtown. We dropped her off and just hung out at the Seattle Center. It was then that my sadness in leaving "home" was met with a thankfulness and love for my city and I felt happy to be back. It's just way cool. That's all I can say. We stopped in Skillet Diner for the best brunch I've ever eaten in my life. This guy in his favorite attire (jeans and a bowtie) was looking so daper.  

And we just hung out listening to the music outside, playing in the fountain, smelling all the food trucks, looking at all the tents set up with art and all of the festivities they had going on from SPU's graduation. 

We're home!