Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wrapping it up...

So while Ella has been chugging away finishing up the school year, I've been enjoying the last of my quiet moments at home before the summer time party gets started! We've had some beautiful spring days so we've been getting out and enjoying fresh air. 

this little one might end up with red hair...

 I think this boy has the cutest little pout. I've always called him my pouty prince. His looks could kill! I found this picture of baby Luca the other day and just died. Those eyes. Those lips! Even though he's pouting or sad, I still love to look at that face and see his baby face :) When he's made we get more of the eyebrow action like baby luca on the left haha.

 I also said goodbye to these moms on Wednesday for our summer break! I've come to love all of these ladies and it's such a needed mommy break in the middle of the week to come together, study God's word and lean on each other! Oh...and eat good food too :)
This little guy had a birthday celebration at school the other day! They celebrated summer birthdays all at once. The sweet little boy came home from school SO excited it was his birthday and he was 4! There was no explanation that could help him understand or convince him that it wasn't his birthday THAT DAY haha. As cute as it was it made me a little sad because that means he thought he didn't have a party and that I didn't know it was his birthday!
(the pearl necklace wasn't a part of the celebration. just a new favorite accessory ;) )

I'm still getting out and exploring our neighborhood bit by bit. What I love is how artistic and unique everything is. No cookie cutter buildings. Just character, art and unique design. I still watch the bachelor and bachelorette. MANY of them are from Seattle or chose someone from Seattle. I'm not embarrassed to admit that I follow their blogs or instagram accounts to see what their favorite hot spots are. Most of them are in my hood so I've been checking them out and have found many fun spots that I've walked by many times! Like Percy's for cocktails and Hot Cakes for dessert. Yum. 
On Monday, Luca graduated from his Mom's Group class! Next year he won't come with me because he'll be in Pre-K! I post 3 of these pictures to show you his orneriness with his partner in crime. He just might be the class clown. 

And my latest obsession...Jamberry Nails!!! 

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