Saturday, May 3, 2014

Spring Fling

I turned 30. I wanted bangs. Why not? That just might be my new motto for the decade. Dare to dream, try new things, it's all good so why not? And I love it!
A boy and his dog. His very prissy and girlie little dog :)
Luca and Milo's first {of many to come} boy bath!!!
always taking care of you...
wacky tacky day at school! She dressed herself with different socks, different shoes, pj pants, a crazy tutu and told me how to fix her hair and she won the award at the school assembly for wacky/tackiest!
Miss thang also learned how to ride her bike WITH NO TRAINING WHEELS! We are so proud of her! Wow. She's almost done with kindergarten. She can tie her shoes, ride without training wheels, make her own breakfast...
AND she lost her 2nd tooth! My love is growing up so fast :) It's bittersweet. I miss baby Ella but I love each and every thing about the here and now and am excited about the girly future that lies ahead!
She pulled her tooth out all by herself. She's come along way since the first one where she cried every time it wiggled ;) I guess she decided money and fairy dust are worth a little pain haha. 

Little boy books becoming a noisy little fella. He just talks, squeals and screams all day long!

Ella had her 2nd field trip to the Seattle Children's Theater to see Art Dog. They watched the play and had a picnic lunch outside. It was sunny and in the 80's. A beautiful day for a field trip!

 a little duck duck goose action...
sweet friends :)
These kinder school days are about to come to an end! Summer break is quickly approacing! No matter how crazy life gets, I have to remember these are the sweetest of times. 

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