Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pre-School Graduation!

Luca graduated Pre-School TODAY!!! 
(Miss E was at school)
What a difference a year makes! Here is our Super Luca on the first day of preschool...
And here he is on his last day! He has grown up so much this year!
For graduation, they all entered with their adorable hats to the graduation song. A few tiny years may have welled up because he was so darn cute. He looked all over for us and couldn't find us even though we were right there!
"Where are my parents?"
 Then we called his name loudly so he could here and he turned and waved trying his hardest not to smile! This is what he does when he's really excited but knows he's being watched. It reminds us of his Uncle David haha.
They marched in and then sang some songs. Luca sang and danced and everything! At the beginning of the year he wouldn't perform :)
The received their diplomas. Luca was VERY proud of his...

 We sat next to the mother of one of his classmates. She volunteered in the room often and said how sweet and hilarious Luca was. She said he's always cracking jokes, acting goofy and making people laugh. She said he's so sweet and caring to all of the kids. She also said he is a rule follower. Yes, you heard right. He is ADAMANT that things are done the right way and in order. Whoda-thunkit. Not I!
Here is his end of the year book...Hilarious. I will treasure it forever. 
This is my favorite page...the all about me page. It is all Luca! Just in case you can't read it...
Favorite color: blue and pink
Favorite toy: spiderman
Thing to do: racing bikes (and he goes FAST)
Favorite animal: Moose (he has a stuffed one that he's recently taken to)
Place to visit: Johnny and William's house (his preschool partners in crime)
Book: Pirate book
When I grow up: I'm going to work with the ipad and drink coffee and stuff (so basically he wants to be like his daddy) haha. That part was my favorite!
 His teachers letter...
 And this is his self portrait at the beginning of the year...
 And one from the end of the year!
Watch out Pre-K! Here comes Luca! I signed him up for all 4 days b/c
1. He is young for his grade
2. We have a lot of work to do before kindergarten!
3. He's social and gets bored quickly at home
4. He has so much energy and is highly combustible at home!
One of his pre-k teachers is a lovely friend from church! I can't wait to here insider stories ;)

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