Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day Tea with Luca!

Mothers Day 2014 started out with a Mothers Day Tea at Little Feats, Luca's preschool! It was just a special time for me and him to go spend some time together as mommy/son. 
He made a card to invite me...
They started out with a little program...Hi Mom!!!
They sang adorable songs...
and I melted...
 and we ate a delicous brunch that was cooked BY the little preschoolers themselves! We had french toast, pineapple and watermelon! I thought it was so funny because the day of the tea was not a day that Luca normally went to school so he and I drove there. He was so confused and I kept telling him it was my Mothers Day celebtration. He had no idea. When we got there, it all "clicked" :-) But it's just so different from Ella who would have sung all the songs a thousand times and told me every detail weeks before it was going to happen :)
 Luca and is buddies...aren't they ADORABLE?!? Every time I pick him up, the only thing he has to say is that he played with Johnny and "Wiwyam" William. They are by far his favorite part of preschool. I was wondering if he payed attention to the "school" part of preschool and honestly I had no idea until all of the sudden he spells his name or calls out letters and sounds. It just must not be as important to verbalize as Johnny and Wiwyam when I ask about his day :) Boys! 
 Handsome date...

 I love him with all my heart. Even when he's naughty ;-)

 My middle man!

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