Monday, May 12, 2014

Mommies Day x3!

Mother's Day was so special this year! I mean it always is but we had such a fun day and it was my first  Mother's Day with Milo! I love how full my lap is :)
all my crazies...
After church we went to have brunch at Duos in West Seattle with our friends, the Wilsons. We ate out on the patio. They lived in Dallas too before moving to Seattle. It was a beautiful sunny day at about 70 degrees and we all realized how our bodies had changed since moving to Seattle because we were toasty!!! 
The kids ate a little and then spent the rest of the time playing quietly on the steps entertaining other people at their table and trying to sneak inside. Before I knew what had happened, Luca came up and said he wanted apples. I was mid conversation and just said sorry bud we don't have any! In no time he was standing in front of me with a handful of apple slices from another table that he walked up and helped himself to!! What can you do but laugh? They were great sports and got a kick out of it. She was a mom of 2 older boys so...they know whats up :)
After brunch we headed down to Alki beach and let the kids run wild and free while the adults basked in the sun!
Me and mu-fran, Becky :)

And the boo baby was with us, but he was doing this the whole time :)

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