Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mighty Milo

This is a quote from Theodore Roosevelt and it is for my mighty milo. Don't you think he needs this for his room? I do. Time to get crafty!
"Far better it is to DARE MIGHTY THINGS, than to take rank with poor timid spirits who know neither victory nor defeat."
Dear Milo, 
To my newborn baby who will someday be bigger than me, stronger than me and all grown our third and final, I will always see you as my newborn baby no matter how big and burly you may be :) You'll be the youngest of your siblings and extended family. You will be the littlest one for many years to come! But you know what? You may be small but you are mighty. You are little but fierce my love. No matter what, as you grow through this life and navigate the big wide world, I encourage you to be adventurous. Try new things. Try BIG things! It's not about winning and it's ok to lose. Just be brave. Take chances. Listen to God. Find yourself. Once you find yourself, stay true to yourself. There isn't anything you can't do. It's not about being the biggest or the best. It's not about the outcome. It's about believing in yourself, dreaming BIG, following your heart and daring mighty things. And if you-my future big burly newborn baby-ever doubt yourself, just come talk to mama :) This is my wish for you sweet boy. Love you boo boo.
 P.S. If you want to grow big and strong, you must eat some green veggies! You strongly dislike green beans and absolutely refuse peas! You LOOOVE carrots and like squash. It's a little early to be introducing veggies but big boy's gotta eat!
 It's really hard to believe that someday these perfect tiny little feet will be big, hairy and smelly. I'm almost convinced that they will stay this cute forever. At least in my eyes :)
 After another long sleepless night, I spent my Thursday morning while Ella and Luca were at school, just like this. Perhaps it's the rain, the gray skies, or the fact that Ella will be in 1st grade and Luca has left toddlerhood, but I just couldn't put him down. I was emotional. Nostalgic. Happy! I could have put him in the swing and taken a nice long nap to catch up on some much needed sleep. But even more than sleep, I needed my little baby. I had to breathe him in, squeeze him, nurse him, love him, kiss him, pray over him...3 1/2 hours straight until my middle man came home. These days are fleeting. I embrace the next steps but cherish the current and miss the past. I often spend my days planning for the future and missing the past. There's nothing like a new little baby to make you stop right where you are and cherish the moment. 
 Dream big little one. 

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