Saturday, May 10, 2014

His and Hers

I'd just like to take a minute to dote on my big kids. Ella made me a mom. A girl mom. And Luca made me a boy mom. They are mine and my gosh how I love them. This weekend started off sweetly with dates! On Friday before school, Mike took Ella out for a breakfast date before school. When they got back Luca took me!
This was our "first date" :-) Luca wanted donuts and he wanted to buy me a "cute little sparkly cupcake" to eat so he took me to Top Pot :-) He was such a gentleman! 
Ella wanted pancakes so Mike took her to Beth's where they lovingly made her a zebra pancake! Mike and Ella talked a lot on this date. He asked her, "so what is the most important thing you've learned this year in kindergarten?" She answered, "The most important thing is to be yourself." Be still my heart. Yes Ella YES!!! That's it baby girl. I love her heart. 
So on to more doting...

Luca has left toddlerhood and we are learning more and more about his feisty little personality every day!  He has grown up so much this year. One thing I can say is Luca has been Luca from day one. Luca was Max from the wild things for his 2nd halloween because he's always been wild and free. He's always had his own way. He goes on many "adventures" a day (hashtag adventureswithluca) and he's absolutely wild but loving, tender and gentle at his core...which is why this print is going up in his room! I could just eat him up. Every time I say this to him he says, "but mama, it's YUCA! I not a cupcake!"
 He's always had looks to kill. Even when giving dirty looks this guy is a looker!!! One of these day's I'll capture his current pout. It looks exactly like this! I love how babies are who they are from day 1.
 There is another quote I've seen swirling around pinterest that has my Luca baby's name written all over it...
Boy isn't that the truth. Being a boy mom is truly a blessing. Born wild and free...that's my Luca baby to the T!

 Being a girl mom is just as special. Of course, I love pink and glitter, dance, tutus, tea parties and bows are a lot of fun. But there is so much more to loving a girl. It's pretty scary at times ;) but oh so delightful. I feel so blessed to raise a little lady. I love THIS girl. You know why?
 Yep. She's all kinds of spunk, sparkle and sass. We are trying to get her in a drama club for the summer! Girlfriend can fake cry in the mirror like you wouldn't believe. If I never have another baby girl it's ok...because she's like 5 all rolled into one. She's all things GIRL!
 Ella came home from gymnastics early the other day...
Ella: I got gum in my hair!
Me: Why did you have gum at gym?
Ella: It's delicious.
Me: Mike why did you give her gum before gym?!?!
Ella: Um, yeah, so...he didn't exactly know.
Me: So what did you learn?
Ella: To keep my mouth shut when I do cartwheels. 
Me: HAHAHA yeah no. Give me the gum. 
This is most definitely Ella's room. She's so creative and has the biggest imagination. Everything is beautiful and fun in her eyes. Life of the party and always making something out of nothing. I want to be just like her when I grow up ;)

Our blog is mainly about raising our little lovelies. But I just have to stop a minute and say how much I love this guy. We finally have been able to get out just the two of us. I decided that I was ready to leave Milo and so now we've been on 2 dates last weekend and one more coming up this weekend! Once we got a little taste of freedom we just can't stop haha. We talked a lot about life and our journey. It is so weird how you can be so in love with someone on your wedding day but how it is nothing compared to the love on down the road. I can't even imagine how much I will love him in 10, 20....50 more years god willing. He knows me better than anyone. We are truly best friends. It doesn't matter what's going on in life, where we are, who we're with, what's long as we're together we can handle it. We have a special date coming up this weekend that commemorates our journey so far! Stay tuned! 

At the end of the month we get to go HOME!!! It just can't come soon enough. Honestly, we are homesick! Yes, I've been twice since we moved, but come on now...who here has only seen there family 2 times in the past year? My trips were good and I'm so blessed to have the freedom to go. I absolutely loved my solo trip with Milo to introduce him to his family, but I'm ready to take my family and all be together again! So good for the soul. Arkansas here we come!
And speaking of Arkansas, would any of our Seattleite friends like to snuggle this pup while we are gone? This is pretty much all there is to it! And she's potty trained for sure! I just don't think we could handle 3 kids AND a dog on this trip and she and I would both be fretting if we boarded her so think about it! ;) She's suuuuuper sweet!

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