Thursday, May 1, 2014

Baby Boo {5 months}

Baby Boo. Boo Boo. Boo face. Boo. Ella and I started calling him bubberloo and somehow it's shortened to Boo :) I ask him often in my very best yogi bear voice, "heeeeey boo boo. how bout some choooocoalte cake." Or if he wants a pic-i-nic basket :) And when I do, this is the big grin I get :) Nothing better than a plump prince!

Milo has entered the stage of crying for what he wants and not just what he needs. He loves to be held and will give the sweetest whimper to be held if he's not being held and I'm in the same room. I'm learning his hungry cries and his hurt cries. He's very squeaky. He loves to scream! If he's happy he screams about it! I think it's cute because he started this the day he was born. Every now and then he'd let out the girliest squeakiest squeal.

We are working with Milo to start sleeping in his crib. He's not a fan and quite frankly I don't like being that far away from him either but I'm getting crankier by the day and reeeeeeeeeally needing some sleep so we thought we'd give it a try! So here I am sitting below his crib watching him while he tries to sleep so I'm close enough to make sure he's ok!
He's such a snuggler and either has to sleep in his rock n play or right beside someone. If he sleeps in his crib, its because he's snuggled up with tons of blankets with one by his face (his favorite) and with a pillow shoved under his legs to keep them propped up because this is how his rock n play holds him! I prefer him to just sleep with me honestly, but I can't do it every night until he's a little older because I worry about pillows and blankets on's not safe. But I can't let him sleep like this in his crib either if I'm not awake to watch constantly...again, not safe. Plus, I want him to be able to sleep away from me when he or I need to because that's just a good thing for him to learn! Sleep training has never been my strong suit.
Monitor stalking with all of his special sleeping arrangements :) So far he's gotten pretty good about taking some naps in the crib and a little stretch at the beginning of the evening. The rest of the night is either with me or in the rock n play depending on how sleepy I am! Also, I love that wittle foot sticking out. He always has to have a foot free...just like Luca.
I'm slowly weaning him from all the blankets and have gotten him down to just the "booty prop"! If this pillow isn't there, he draws his little legs up holding them there so he can't get to sleep. It's pretty cute :) Perhaps I should have started this a tad earlier, but this is still record time for me! Ella 9 months, Luca 6 months and now Milo 4. All of them only because they outgrew the bassinet they had :)
But somehow, with all of this sleep drama going on, he randomly fell asleep in the middle of the floor. Completely flat, no blankets, no rock n play, no mommy. I fed him rice cereal before this and I think it must be magic food!
Once again, passed out cold in less than 1 minute after eating his baby cereal magic food. He just looked at me with a full tummy and sleepy eyes and just leaned into my chest and passed out!
So we've accomplished this much this month! I finally see him laying flat and safe in his crib actually sleeping and I miss him so bad I want to go get him up! So far he's taking some naps in their (but nothing beats the swing!) and he's sleeping until about 11:00 in his crib. 
but man...nothing beats mama's bed! Look at that happy face!
***Update! I kind of wrote this post and updated it through the month. Today is the day that Milo actually turns 5 months and we are no longer in the crib. :-( He just won't do it. So for now he's back in our room with a co-sleeper. He's waking up so much through the night all of the sudden like every 2 hours! I know I should work with him more but it's easier (and I get more sleep believe it or not) if I just nurse him back to sleep. 

This month you also went to the movie theater for the first time! We took sissy and Luca to see Peabody and Sherman. You did great and did this pretty much the whole time!

And here are some other pictures of our baby boo bear from this month :)

It must be hard work being held in the ergo to the park! We are still baby wearing.  
It was so cute...the other day I FINALLY got you to sleep in your crib. Low and behold...your loving, sweet, caring brother went in to check on you and just couldn't resist. He doesn't realize I can see him through the monitor too and he woke you up rubbing your belly and then brushing your hair :)
pure sweetness. I couldn't even be upset about it even though we worked so hard on that crib nap!

I'm wondering if you are going to be a thumb sucker like sissy or a finger sucker :) You love your gator bippy but I'm catching you doing this more and more. 
Milo you are just a delight. The joy of our lives! I spend everyday (and various times through the night!) just savoring the moments you are tiny because I know all too well how fast you all grow up. Next month will be your half birthday! 6 of the most precious months of our lives!

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