Thursday, May 29, 2014

6 months

happy HALF birthday!!!

Milo, you are 6 months old!

And if you aren't just the sweetest little bundle of love. You smile at everyone and everything. Sometimes even just at the wall. You are so easy going and just happy! You are still a snuggler and you're big on comfort and closeness. You take the best naps when you have your sleep sack, blanky, gator bippy and owl lovie in the swing or when you are right beside mommy and daddy in bed. You love our bed. You hate your crib. I think it's so sweet when you wake up in the middle of the night and roll on your side to nurse yourself back to sleep because you know I'm right there. Last month I was really trying to get you to sleep longer and in the crib but I've just decided to be patient and embrace this. Yes, mommy is a little sleepy, but these times are precious and I'm in NO hurry! 
We've started you on some solids! You...
Love: carrots and banana oatmeal
Like: squash
Tolerate: pears
Hate: peas and green beans

Right now your best "skillz" are screaming and blowing bubbles :) I think because you are held so much that you may be a bit behind on the whole rolling over and sitting up thing. But that's ok. We will redefine milestones!

Blowing bubbles all day long...

You are a big belly laugher! You laugh the most with your brother and sister. You just watch and giggle :) It's pretty darn cute and your daddy and I get many visions of the days ahead in our house with a big sister and TWO boys!

You have this adorable little swirl of hair on the top of your head that is longer than the rest. It's the only spot of newborn baby hair that never fell out so it's a patch of long hair that does this adorable little swirly thing. The other day, a friend pointed out that you look like a cupie doll! I couldn't agree more!

You are looking so much like your sister these days. You look even more like the baby version of her. She loves that you have her blue eyes. I love that I get to see my baby Ella again through you! It's so special.
Tiny hog fans...

Third child probs...
You can and will sleep anywhere and through anything.
(as long as you're being held of course)
But naps on Mommy are the best!
You are quite the pampered prince when it comes to your sleeping arrangements! This is where you sleep every nap and night...right in between Mommy and Daddy. Gator bippy. Feet usually crossed. And touchdown pose :)
We had your 6 month pictures taken at the University of Washington since you are our Washington babe! I can't wait to show them off! It is such a beautiful place. And it closely resembles Hogwarts haha.

Mighty Milo, we adore you. I don't know how I ever lived without you! You have changed everything and  completed our little family. You are all baby. We wondered after you were born if we would have one more but I have to say, you just seem like you were meant to be the baby. These 6 months have been the sweetest! We love you precious boy. You are one ginormous bundle of adorableness! 

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