Saturday, April 5, 2014


Well this week consisted of sick kids, a messy house, never ending piles of overdue loads of laundry, errands I had run behind on, things at school that came up to take care of, lunch date with Ella, play dates, nursed a sweet little boy every 2-3 hours at night and then did more laundry because Milo somehow pooped on everything once I got all the laundry done. I'm proud relieved to say I got my house back in order and it's livable, got the laundry caught up, stuck to my commitments, took care of a few unexpected situations that needed immediate attention, caught up on a few errands, made it to 2 doctor appointments, nursed my Ella back to health and even snuck in a mini date during the day while 2 kids were at school. That's how it works with 3 kids! I put my big girl panties on and summoned my super mom powers and survived. Everyone is happy, alive and well! Except for I've crashed. I've let down from it all and woke up cranky and desperate for a break. I ran away from home retreated to my new "go to" coffee shop where I was immediately recognized by the barista...not because I've been here a lot...but because I'm wearing the same Martha's Vineyard sweatshirt I wore when I was here last weekend and he's from Martha's Vineyard. Don't worry, it was one of the many things I laundered this week but now I'm really wondering if I ever changed out of my mom uniform this week and I don't think I did (except to wash it)! Some weeks are just like this. Most of the time I wonder how in the world I ever was a working mommy! If anything I feel like I had it MORE together then. I digress. Anyway, even after weeks like this, I look at these pictures and don't remember how hard it was...I see a beautiful life that I'm incredibly thankful to live.
 Science Fair

 Growing baby boy!
 Baby Milo moved to tears by the family lullaby sesh. Maybe the only kid on the planet who doesn't like the song "let it go" :)
 Before strep struck!
During strep when I thought she just had an ear infection and let her hold Milo...parenting fail.
 After strep struck...Lady and the Tramp in bed! This was day 2 being home bound and quarantined! 
 Somehow she was better and ready to try gymnastics by Wednesday, so since I hadn't had time to shower all week I stayed home with the boys. Luca wanted to fix my hair and rub my feet. I ended up with a few chunks of hair missing from a tangled brush and slimy feet because he got bored before he was finished rubbing in the entire bottle of lotion he used but hey...after the week we had I was going to take whatever pampering I could get!
 I just love him.
 And I also see now that I DID wear something besides my Martha's Vineyard sweatshirt from 1999. It was warm that day forcing me to change into my Dallas t-shirt...the warm weather version of my mom uniform! But I'm also realizing that this was Wednesday and I still had those pj pants on this Saturday morning :)
On Thursday I took this beautiful blue eyed ballerina to dance class and we decided cut loose and head across the street to Larsens for a donut date!

 On Thursday my little girl needed a pick me up so I did what any mommy would do on a week like this and I slicked my hair back, bought 2 happy meals and met girlfriend for lunch at school! 

It's easy for a week like this to go by and be done before you realized what's happened. But you know what? As busy as it was I was forced to focus on my family at the same time and had some super sweet moments with my babies. Even though I'm tired and cranky and realizing I might need to brush my teeth and get dressed in real clothes, I feel incredibly blessed. It would be so easy to only see the hard parts of this week. But what I see is how God has shined through all the little moments and I sit here in my little corner of the coffee shop so happy that I have 3 healthy kids that can run, play, cause a little trouble and are able to get better from their illness with just a little antibiotic. I have a husband that took me on a date for couples pedicures and brunch...clearly he was trying to pamper me and spend time with me at the same time because I'm sure there were more things we could have done that would have been more appealing to him. And he is home right now cooking us a pot of soup to snack on for the rest of this cold, rainy and gray day. I had some amazing conversations with friends when I got overwhelmed and locked myself in the nursery to get away and was desperate for a mental break. And then...growing more and more homesick and thinking about how much easier this week would have been if I were at "home"...arrives this little packed party from my dear friend Missy. Just because! Just to say I miss you, your absent physically but not absent from my life, reminding me that no matter how far away, they are still here! I was moved. It gave me just what I needed to keep going!
 So here I have all the tools to keep in touch and little reminders of my amazing friend! (by the way, that cute pink phone plugs into my iphone so I can talk on it. seriously!)
 So here we are on Friday...a successful boy play date with Luca and Jimmy in the morning a super fun play date in the afternoon. A light at the end of the tunnel. The girls busted out the easy bake oven and made some delicious treats for their "boutique salon"! Again, I got excited about the prospect of a little make-shift pampering...
The massage and payment station...Yes, they made us pay (see the chick purse?)
The hair and nail station...
They told me when I left the salon, I'd look like this...
But instead ended up with this :) 
Even better if you ask me. 
I ordered the "fancy nancy". I thought the blue lips were symbolic of this week...that maybe I forgot to breath a little bit ;) Mike titled this picture "playdate aftermath". Girls just wanna have fun!
And now I'm wondering if this handsome fella is picking up what Ella was putting down this week...
 or if maybe he's just ran out of steam?
And now I sit here on Friday night...realizing it's over and we made it and how I missed this babe all week! He spent more time in the swing than ever as I was tending to other "business matters" and I just couldn't find it in me to put him down! In fact, I think it's time to shut this down, go snuggle my babe and see what's in store for next week!

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