Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy 1 year anniversary Seattle!

Today was our first anniversary with the church, April 11th (Friday) marked 1 year since our move to Seattle, and just a few days prior to that marked 1 year since we learned Milo was on his way and a few days before that I became a stay at home mom. SO MANY CHANGES THIS YEAR! Never ever a dull moment with the Readings. Life has been one big adventure since the day I said "I DO". Seattle has by far been the biggest one and we are only just beginning. I've always trusted in God's plan for my life but did I imagine all this? Never. 
Its been 1 year since we've moved to this beautiful city we now call home. City lights, sail boats, water, green parks, mountains, rain and our United family are just a few of the many things I love about this place. Yeah yeah so we have gray skies and it rains a lot...but we also have the brightest flowers, leaves and trees and the brightest bluest skies I've ever seen!!! Summer is so bright, green and the perfect amount of warm. Fall is bright, colorful and cozy with crisp air. Winter is cold, rainy and gray...perfect to hibernate and forces you to take a little time out from life and stay in, which I can appreciate! And finally, Spring is just how it should be. The brightest colors, trees and flowers blooming everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE thanks to all the rain! The rainy days are rainy but the other days are bright and fresh! We've gone through all 4 seasons and have seen our city through many changes, holidays and events. It's a very festive city!  In addition to changes through the seasons, we've seen a lot of changes in our family and personal life. It's been a year of blessings and major growth. 
For's been 1 year since I "retired" haha. This was what my students left on the chalk board after I left my going away party in the art room :)
So this anniversary also marks the completion of my first year as a stay at home mom and all I can say is I SURVIVED! Quitting my job was harder than I thought it was going to be since I have always longed to be a stay at home mom. I loved my job but my heart has been at home since October 9, 2007-the day Ella Avery was born. So 5 1/2 years later and my dream was finally coming true! I didn't think it would be hard, but it was. It was hard and being a stay at home mom was even harder than that! I have to admit I thought being a jobless mommy would be a breeze because it's exactly what I wanted. Instead I grieved the loss of my job and really struggled as a stay at home mom this year. I found myself sniffing crayon boxes when I took Ella shopping for school supplies and thinking of any way I could to get into her classroom! I was checking her lunchroom menu to see when they served mashed potatoes b/c cafeteria mashed potatoes are my fave. Newsflash, Seattle is a super healthy city and they don't serve instant mashed potatoes in the cafeteria. I'm probably the only mom who's ever brought happy meals to their kid at lunch. Pajama days take on a whole new meaning when EVERY day is a PJ day...not because you had a super busy and productive week and you chose to take it easy one day, but because you don't have anywhere to go and you didn't even have time to brush your teeth and lets face it...who wants to cook, clean and chase kids through parks in their heels? It was a hard role to grow into since I was in a new city with new people and places. And in addition to moving across the country and quitting jobs and starting new ones...let's have a baby! haha. I love it. It's all or nothing with the Readings. We throw caution to the wind quite often but you know what? I'm confident we are in constant persuit of God's calling for us...even when it seems crazy to others.No family. Pregnant, sickly and extremely emotional. I had no idea where to go, what to do or how to get there...and if I DID actually get there I didn't know where in the world to park! City parking is no joke. And I started this journey with two kids and one on the way...there was no growing into the role. Being a SAHM is not for wimps! Don't get me wrong. I am blessed. I'm not in anyway complaining. I'm just saying I underestimated the job :) 
When we came to Texas, it was just me, Mike and Ella in my belly. Just 5 short years later, we were leaving with a few extra additions-Ella, Luca, Pippa and Milo in the belly :) We learned that I was pregnant just a couple days before we got on the plane!
and here we are now!
This journey is just beginning. Everyone says to give it 6 months after you move to feel like it's going to be ok. After a move like this all the way across the country, as far away as you could possibly from anything and everything that looks, feels, works and sounds and tastes familiar (you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find queso here. Or monogramming shops)...I say give it a year. I miss my friends, I miss my family, I miss the South, I miss all things familiar. But I'm learning that they are all still a part of me and I've been able to go back enough to soothe my soul. I'm thankful for the new friends and family we are making here and that I'm finally starting to figure out city life. Milo is here. We are going home for 2 weeks this summer. Everything is falling into place. From here on out we will at least have 1 year to look back on to refer to. So I say happy 1 year anniversary United and Seattle and cheers to the next and our many adventures that lie ahead in this place that is starting to feel a little more like home everyday! What a difference a year makes.

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