Sunday, April 6, 2014

Baby Bliss-4 Months

Milo's fourth month was very adventerous! He accomplished quite a lot! He:
Had his first airplane ride...actually 5 airplane rides total, left home for the first time, traveled through Portland, Dallas and Arkansas, ditched the swaddle, met family, conquered reflux, laughed for the first time, started teething, AND attended his first family vacation on Camano Island! MAN...what a busy month!!!
Exactly one year ago today we took a pregnancy test and found out we were pregnant with this little guy just days away from our move to Seattle! We were over the moon and immediately began dreaming. And now look at him :) What a difference a year makes!

So who does Milo look like? That is the question that everyone asks!
As he fills out it's fun to see who he looks like. My family says he looks like baby Amber. He has a sweetness and tenderness in his eyes that pierce right to your heart just like his daddy. And depending on the day, he resembles Ella and Luca both! I think he's a little of us all! Here is a picture of each family around his age...



Milo is going through a funny stage right now. This is his, "Daddy don't even think about taking me out of my mama's arms to hold me or I will scream bloody murder" look. This kid would only smile for Daddy if he was sitting on the other couch. He's a mama's boy...for now :) Daddy's day is coming!
So here's what Milo's 4th month looked like...
 Nothing better than a chunky baby bottom with a puppy dog belly bulging out on each side :)

Sweetest lil face
Nevermind the super fun saucer I have to play with. I want my Mommy to hold me! Why would you put me here mama? Why? Can't you hold me and potty at the same time?

Shameless selfies! It's the only way I get in pics with the guy! These are how I spend my days...stretchy pants, no make up, tending to what has to get done and just loving on my guy. 

 lots of doting going on here :)

 chubby bubby!
 snuggling with Autumn!
Milo+Prilosec=one relaxed baby!
 I'm SO glad he's feeling better
 cutest lil bath baby!!!
 He's playing a lot with his tongue lately and it's so cute hanging out of his little mouth all the time!

That's a wrap for our 4th month!

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