Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Adventures in Mommyhood

Hello and happy spring! Everything here is in full bloom. Flowers, trees and babies! Here's a little recap of our April so far. It's in no particular order and somewhat out of sorts...much like the condition of my brain this week. It's spring break :) And I'm having a bit of PTSD from Luca at the library today.  He had so much fun that he came home and put himself down for a nap. No lie. Crashed computers, significant amount of books torn off shelves, angry adults from being barged in on in their study hall rooms, all of the retractable rope things unhinged and a couple of boo boos from jumping off the rock sculpture. Milo was hungry and I was trying to help Ella look for books and fill out paperwork for our library cards. It happened ok. I was present and disciplining but sometimes it doesn't all go according to plan! Shame on all the judgmental mommies who looked my way without pity or a sense of humor for crying out loud. Yes, the circus came to the library today. Don't act like you've never been a part of it. Or the nanny who scorned me with her eyes because she had to move her purse so I could sit on the empty couch in the corner and nurse my child because I choose not to bare it all for everyone in the library to see. That was not included in the circus act today. Sorry maybe another time. I digress...So bare with me.

To lift the mood a bit, I begin with Dreamy McDreamerson...

 I know Milo looks like Luca too, but when I see him I see more of baby Ella right now. Here they are in the same bunny hat!
I would dare to say Luca is the sweetest brother on the planet :) He has the sweetest soft spot for his baby brother. I love watching them bond and dream about their future relationship. 
My cousin Blake is getting married this summer to a lovely lady named Kendra! Mom mom and aunt Kim hosted a wedding shower for them last week. They are the ultimate party planning duo let me tell you! It was beautiful. I had to celebrate in spirit because I had just returned from Arkansas but I'm ready to be there for the real deal this summer! E is the flower girl and L is the ring bearer! Ready to celebrate with the family!
So here are two of my favorite people...mama and Aunt Kim! (Aunt DeLynn not pictured but she's on  my favorites list as well!)
And my Granny and Grandpa...isn't my Granny beautiful?
Big boy :) These are the eyes that melt me. He has a tenderness in his eyes, especially when he smiles, that when you look at them you just know he's a sweetheart...just like his Daddy. Yes I'm being for real! Mike is ornery and funny and all "Reading-esque" but he has the sweetest, thoughtful most tender heart of any man I know!
Boy club. Male bonding. My boys!
Lil Destructo at our new favorite park!
Yes he was going fast. No I was not zoomed in. Yes he crashed into me a split second after I took this pic.
This looks so fun (and is!) but if you zoom in a bit more you can see that classic look of excitement combined with terror in Ella's face ;)
This is what Milo does at the park for now :) 
Stocking up on some old movies at Rain City Video for Spring Break! I decided in addition to outings, adventures and outdoor fun, I would also introduce some of my own favorite movies to the kids from when I was a kid including but not limited to: Mary Kate and Ashley movies, The Babysitters Club, American Tale: Fifel Goes West, Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I have quite a lengthy list but this is what we are starting with. Next time: Shirley Temple, Pippy Longstocking and much more!

Playdate with Bridget and Jimmy...holding baby chics!
Special spring baskets from Ann...(she loves my babies so much and we all love her...)
So back to the library "incident". Somehow we got there (just mom and all 3 kids) before the 10:00 hour. Miraculous. Anyway, we were early and it didn't open until 10 so we walked to the nearest coffee shop which just happens to be my go to place. Remember the post Survivor a few posts back where I talked about being recognized by the barista because of my old Martha's Vineyard sweatshirt (circa 1999), aka "Mom Uniform", because I wore it back to back visits? Yeah well I didn't plan on being early to the library and going to Diva Espresso today, but guess what...we were early and this was the closest place and what was I wearing? My mom uniform. I walk in and he says, "hey friend!" I die.
 So do you really want to know my take on this morning? I had a sweet impromptu breakfast date with my lovelies. Ella got to enjoy the library and has been dying to go for forever. I have a new barista friend. Not sure what he thinks of my hygiene or wardrobe but I don't really care. I'd like to forget Luca's experience at the library but he was so stinking adorable in the coffee shop and won everyone's hearts over as he adorned his Christmas sweater, Thomas hat and showed off all the works of his fancy hand me down zipper tie (dress yourself day) and last but not least...our library cards are good for ALL Seattle locations so we don't have go to back to that one for a very VERY long time. 

So like I said, randomness at it's finest! But all good things!

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