Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hippity Hoppity

Even though we've already celebrated our first year in Seattle, since Easter is on a different day every year, this marks our first Easter here! You know was a beautiful day. Sunshine, a beautiful church service and friends. Of course I thought of my family and missed them. But through the season of Lent, I had built up so much anticipation to this Easter Sunday that my focus and excitement was on celebrating our risen savior which gave me a renewed heart full of hope thankfulness. was my boo boo's first Easter!!!

This is our family pic in front of the church. I guess our eyes haven't adjusted to the sunshine after our gray winter so we had a hard time facing the camera haha. And Milo, well, it was nap time. Bless his heart. 
Me and my friend Emily with her baby boy and Milo's first friend Simon!!

And here is my little spring chick! So new, fresh and fluffy :)
It was so special for me to dress Milo this morning. He wore Luca's first Easter and dedication outfit. Milo must be taller than his brother because Luca was 3 1/2 months older when he wore it and Milo was busting the snaps down below haha.

And a baby's first easter wouldn't be complete without a cotton tail...
and his own bunny :) Nana B has bought E, L and M all a bunny for their first easter :)

So after church and naps, we packed up and headed off to our friend's house to have an egg hunt with our friends, Evan, Becky and Izze!

Our egg creations this year! I usually like to get a little more "pinteresty" but with the lack of sleep and a little bunny foo foo to take care of-a PAAS kit was as good as it got. But they turned out adorable!
Speaking of little bunny foo foo, he wasn't as "eggcited" as the rest of them ;-) hehe

Just in case we had a rainy Easter, (rain in Seattle? What?!?!), I bought these super cool eggs to spice up an indoor hunt that could hang, stand straight up and stick to things. But as you can see it was beautiful!!!
And the mommies kicked their feet up while the Daddies hid the eggs :)

After the egg hunt we feasted on shrimp alfredo pasta and crab cakes! Delish!
And I couldn't help at the end of the evening to reminisce of Easter past...
Ella's 1st Easter

Luca's first Easter...

And this pic of Milo...
made me think of this pic of Ella...
Oh how the years go by! So very thankful for this beautiful life.

And last but not least...the trusty easter bunny delivered this year! 
Side note: although Ella doesn't realize it, I'm pretty sure she no longer believes in the Easter bunny haha. Becky asked her what the Easter bunny brought and she said, "he didn't come to our house this year". HELLOOOOOO! Where does she think THIS came from?!? ;)
I guess she's just made since of it all in her mind and it was no big deal. No melt downs or dramatic cry sesh! I was surprised! Pleasantly! 

Monday, April 21, 2014


Thirty. Wow. I've conquered my twenties and have entered a new decade. I have to say I'm SO excited! I don't feel like I'm getting old. I feel like it's just begun! I did a lot in my twenties...I met Mike, got engaged, got my undergrad, got married, graduated with my masters, moved to Texas, began my career, had 3 babies AND moved to Seattle and became a stay at home mommy! I can't imagine my 30s being as busy or as many big changes, but I know it will be just as beautiful. I'm anticipating a season of joy, contentment and just being. Cheers to 30 years! Here's where it all began...























The bestest bestie sent me these beautiful flowers!

The sweetest daughter in the world worked for 2 hours to make me presents crafted with the most love!
Starting at the top and going clockwise: A rare jewel, a ring, a baton and a bunny card :)

Cheers to 30 years! Lets do this!