Friday, March 28, 2014

Texas Reunion!!!

Just a couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of attending one of my dear friend's wedding. Not only was I so excited to celebrate her big day, it meant that I got to go back to Texas for the first time nearly a year to the day later. It was oh so good for my heart. Being pregnant and having a baby for our first year in Seattle kept me from being able to go back and I didn't realize the toll it had taken on my soul to up and leave the people I did life with every. single. day. So...I packed up my little Milo who isn't old enough to be without mama and we took off to Texas! Milo did so great on his first flight! He made me look good. We rocked it. My mama met me there to babysit while I went did my thing! We all picked up right where we left off. It was too fast so I'm already planning my next Texas adventure :)

 Milo's first flight at 3 months old. He was such a good boy. If he was hungry he waited for food. If he was tired he just went to sleep. The stars aligned for this trip because flight times, layovers, poopy diapers, feeding times and napping all coincided together. Beautiful. 
 I used frequent flier miles for this leg of the trip and landed in first class with a baby!!! Big comfy chairs, coffee, hot lunch, free movie/tv player, hot towels...not too shabby for this mama. It certainly helped while trying to nurse and let baby nap on a 4 hour flight.
 Just happened to snap as he spit up :P
 This is how it's done guys. Take notes.
 And the alas...we are together again! Hersson picked me up from the airport and I said TAKE ME TO SONIC!!! We don't have Sonic in the Northwest. Seriously. 
 We went to dinner while waiting for my mom to arrive and then hung out at the hotel. It was so special to finally be able to introduce baby dude to all my frans!!!

 So then my mom arrived, we all hung out and then the Hererras went home. My mom and I talked and sometime into the wee morning hours, through facebook some more friends and I all realized we were only rooms apart! I heard a little tappy tap on my door and tackled these two ladies!!! They came on in and we talked for forever and they got to see Milo :-)
 Seinfeld moment..."you goooota seeee the baaaaaby!"
 The next day we dined with Missy and Cacey...

 And then it was time for Sonya's wedding!

Me and my girl! 
 I love this little lady so much!!!
 First grade teamies!
The beautiful bride!!!

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