Thursday, March 6, 2014

Prince CHARMing

Luca Bo is quite the little charmer. He's grown up into a little man since Milo has been born. Mike and I were talking over lunch one day and we both have learned a whole new side of Luca in the past 6 months. His little personality is coming out more and more and he's becoming his own little self. And he's a charmer :) This beautiful boy gets away with all sorts of stuff all in the name of being cute.  He's playful and ornery and not afraid cause a little ruckus. He's got a guilty conscience and usually tells on himself but he's not afraid to get in trouble.  He goes on many "adventures" each and every day. There's not a lot that can keep him from testing out all of the ideas he comes up with or refraining from expressing his thoughts...passionately. He's never afraid to let you know on any occasion exactly how he feels about something! But he's also gentle, tender hearted and sooooo tremendously sweet and thoughtful. He's very sensitive and it just kills him if he thinks he's disappointed you. He knows when you are centimeters from the edge and when he should should flip the switch from ornery to angelic. Really though, he is so incredibly caring. He tells us all on many occasions throughout the day how much he loves us. He always asks me, "how ya feeling mom? Are you doing ok? How's your shower going dad?" He's so caring and wants to make sure everyone is happy. He apologises for everything and is super sad if he thinks he's done something wrong (ironic right?). He's our little charmer. That's our Luca. He dishes out plenty of mischief and shenanigans on a daily basis but those big brown eyes and heart of gold make it all ok. (well...most of it) :-) He gets away with quite a lot and I have a feeling this will be the case for many years to come. His future wife is a special special lady I just know it. Watch out world. Luca Bo is on the loose!
Luca's 3 year preschool pictures. He took his little vest off that I put on him so it looks like we forgot it was picture day when we got dressed :-) but he's oh so cute anyway!
 Yesterday I found the strawberries with the tips bitten off of each one. I don't have to ask around to know who it was. Just one tiny example of the many adventures with Luca! 

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