Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fun Weekend

We had a super fun weekend! Can't you tell by this face?
We started out on Friday at Ella's school. She was star of the week! She brought a bag of all of her little treasures she wanted for show and tell. She brought her American girl doll and a couple of outfits, her singing lalaloopsy, her favorite stuffie-Ellie the Elephant, her bird that she painted at her birthday party, her snow globe from New York, her soccer trophy and a picture of her and her Texas bestie Cooper :-)
Luca got to sit at the carpet with the kindergarteners and was cutting up the whole time making jokes and talking out. Ella shared her soccer trophy and said it was her 2nd one because Luca broke her first one and he cried out, "WAAAAAA" from the crowd with rolls of kinder boy laughter. With his many antics, I got a little glimpse of Luca as a kindergartener. Two words...oh. my. He eventually made his way to the front as another "show and tell" for Ella :D At the end, Ella got to choose people to line up and one little girl was upset that Ella chose her last. She went up to tell Ella about it and once she put her finger in my little girl's face, Luca was by his sissy's side in t minus 2 seconds screaming, "TELL HER YOU DON'T CARE ELLA!!!" These two look out for each other for sure. But we may need to work on little Luca Bo's "finesse". 
 Daddy was gone overnight for work and it was Mommy's first time to be solo with all 3 babes overnight. On Friday night, the kids and I spent the evening with Becky and Izze since our daddies were together! We played, cooked dinner and went to the park. 
On Saturday, I toted all 3 kiddies to Bridget's birthday party! Three of Ella's little kinder friends have siblings Luca's age so they always have a great time together. 
Sweet friends!

Autumn the baby whisperer! Milo always melts for her and I was thankful to have more hands for this cuddly guy at the party :)
Daddy is home now and all is right in the world again! We just aren't made to be apart!

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