Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Everybody's Baby

Being the youngest of 3 means you are super duper loved and cared for by many many people in a home looking out for you! You are Mommy's baby, Daddy's baby, Ella's baby and Luca's baby! He's the youngest grandchild on both sides. Youngest niece/nephew. The youngest member of our church. Milo is everyone's baby :) I don't know if he'll want another mother but that's what he's got with Ella! She's going to make sure he's ok and looked after. And Luca has a soft spot for him whether it's worrying about other's holding him, worrying if he's crying or cold, getting his paci when he needs it and just sitting and playing with him. Luca has to make sure he's ok all the time. I know they will both fiercely protect their baby brother as he grows up. He's everybody's baby!
(but mama is his favorite...shhhh! don't tell!)
 Common tiffs around our house include who will hold him, who will get the paci, who can feed him, who he's looking at and why isn't he looking at me (Ella and Luca), what he's going to wear and who's name he will say first :)

 Nevermind mama's puffy purple eyes that haven't slept for days. These are just too precious not to share! Baby bliss. 

 Dazed and confused after a long nap!
I have about a billion of sweet sleeping pics in this bed. There is just something about a sleeping baby that is so angelic and heavenly!

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