Friday, March 28, 2014


So when I was planning my trip to Texas for the wedding, I got the bright idea to just add a leg of the trip and take some time in Arkansas! I mean, I was already so close so why not? I've been dying to go home again and Mike was able to take care of E and L so I went for it! I was so excited because I didn't think our family would have the chance to meet Milo until he was 6 months old on our summer trip we've planned! They loved getting to see him sooner rather than later :) It also meant I got to celebrate my thirtieth with the fam! So I had my mom with me in Texas so we traveled home together. Milo wouldn't sleep in the hotel crib and he's still in his bassinet at home...but on our trip he got used to sleeping in bed with mommy and nana. I can't say I minded at all <3 p="">
 My welcome basket!!! My mom is the most thoughtful mom ever. There were little birthday treats, signs and cards everywhere :)
 Ella and Luca would never sleep in the bed with me so I'm kind of loving this. 
 It's also the first time he'd sleep unswaddled for me!

 Yes, yes I did celebrate in my PJs. 
 Everyone meet Milo!

 Hello granny and grandpa!
 What a special moment...
 Nana B giving Milo a BOTTLE!!! He took a whole ounce from it haha. Baby steps. 

 Birthday celebration part 2 with Uncle Greg and Aunt DeLynn!

 I'm officially the shrimp of the family. 

 My in-laws drove down to David and Tesha's house so we all got to be together minus Mike, Uncle Andrew and a few kiddos. 

 Milo meeting Uncle David, Aunt Tesha, Aunt Dee Dee and cousins!!!
 So happy to get my hands on this girl. She was born a week before we moved!

 Riding the 4wheeler with Dad :-) He bought the biggest bestest one he could find for the grandbabies but I think he's having quite a lot of fun with it too haha. 
 And this was Mr. Man on our flight back home. Wiped. Out. 

Can't wait to be back this summer!!!

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