Friday, March 28, 2014

life is a highway

So other than traveling around the world...we've been partying and truckin through life in Seattle! There is truly never a dull moment around here. 

Little brother friends sticking together at the girl party!
 My little festive and fun. I love that she wears Christmas PJs and a Halloween tutu around the house. She likes to party, celebrate and have fun...just a few of the MANY things I love about this spirited little girl :)
Little brother is still just the sweetest.
 and I'm just a little obsessed with his tiny baby feet!!!
 Miss thang started gymnastics again...
 She decided not to play soccer for the spring and do gymnastics instead. At her age, the soccer teams are co-ed and girlfriend wasn't down with that :)

Camano Island

One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen...Camano Island. There is a woman in our church who gifted us her beach house on Camano Island for a long weekend. She said that we needed to leave the block and get away from it all so she sent us off to the most incredible place I've ever seen to just be together as a family with no interruptions. Boy were we ever thankful and we didn't even realize how much we needed a little secluded get away until we got there. What a beautiful gift.  
 So as soon as I returned from my trip back south, I repacked us the next day and we all took off!
 Luca is whale watching with the binoculars. They are migrating back to Alaska this time of year so they are often seen along with many seals. 
 I mean seriously. 
 We spent the first evening cuddled up by the fire, playing games and the girls were giving makeovers! 

 The kids passed out that evening and Mike and I enjoyed some rest and relaxation just vegging, watching our shows and talking. 
 The next morning we packed up and headed down to the beach! We got there a little too early because the kids were so excited. It was cold and the tide was still up. I don't know what we were thinking but we brought the dog and just carried Milo. So on top of being severely outnumbered, my hands were tied too. Luca was trying to die in the ocean, everyone was yelling MOMMY DADDY MOMMY DADDY either out of excitement or someone needing something, we were frozen, Pippa got stranded on a boat, Milo was screaming bloody murder because he was cold and he didn't like his hat, the fishing pole kept getting tangled, Luca has drenched himself because we can't keep him out of the water, Mike and I begin yelling and then 15 minutes in we packed it up and went back to the house! I'm sure plenty of people were laughing from the warm comforts of their home wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD we were doing out there at 9 a.m. with 3 kids and a dog for heavens sake. Mike and I will laugh someday...but it's still too soon. ;-)  


 cutest lil island ever. This is an old school house. 
 Later in the day we attempted the beach again! It was warmer, we had Milo's carrier AND we left the dog at home :)
 This is the same beach we were at that morning with all the water if you can believe it! The tide goes way way WAY out and you can walk out into the ocean for a mile. It's incredible. 

 This is standing out where the water was and looking back on the houses that we were standing by that morning. These were the people that I'm sure were either getting their kicks out of our little early morning "adventure" and/or were awakened by the franticness of it all :-)
 Walking out into the water...

 it just keeps going! That tiny green speck in the middle of the picture below is MIKE!!!
 walking on water haha
 So after our little makeovers the first night, Ella wanted to wear make up every day of course :-)
 So I do her make up and walk by Milo a little later and saw this and it warmed my heart :)
Before the day was done we all ended up wearing Ella's smooches!
 Fireplace on, doors open, journaling, reading magazines, kids playing outside, no tv, no internet, grilling out some awesome steaks...the good life :)
 It was a wonderful way to celebrate our upcoming 1 year mark of our move to Seattle!


So when I was planning my trip to Texas for the wedding, I got the bright idea to just add a leg of the trip and take some time in Arkansas! I mean, I was already so close so why not? I've been dying to go home again and Mike was able to take care of E and L so I went for it! I was so excited because I didn't think our family would have the chance to meet Milo until he was 6 months old on our summer trip we've planned! They loved getting to see him sooner rather than later :) It also meant I got to celebrate my thirtieth with the fam! So I had my mom with me in Texas so we traveled home together. Milo wouldn't sleep in the hotel crib and he's still in his bassinet at home...but on our trip he got used to sleeping in bed with mommy and nana. I can't say I minded at all <3 p="">
 My welcome basket!!! My mom is the most thoughtful mom ever. There were little birthday treats, signs and cards everywhere :)
 Ella and Luca would never sleep in the bed with me so I'm kind of loving this. 
 It's also the first time he'd sleep unswaddled for me!

 Yes, yes I did celebrate in my PJs. 
 Everyone meet Milo!

 Hello granny and grandpa!
 What a special moment...
 Nana B giving Milo a BOTTLE!!! He took a whole ounce from it haha. Baby steps. 

 Birthday celebration part 2 with Uncle Greg and Aunt DeLynn!

 I'm officially the shrimp of the family. 

 My in-laws drove down to David and Tesha's house so we all got to be together minus Mike, Uncle Andrew and a few kiddos. 

 Milo meeting Uncle David, Aunt Tesha, Aunt Dee Dee and cousins!!!
 So happy to get my hands on this girl. She was born a week before we moved!

 Riding the 4wheeler with Dad :-) He bought the biggest bestest one he could find for the grandbabies but I think he's having quite a lot of fun with it too haha. 
 And this was Mr. Man on our flight back home. Wiped. Out. 

Can't wait to be back this summer!!!